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Elaine, I have two suggestions

One is Nature's Plus Spiru-Tein - high protein power, Non-GMO (not genetically modified soy). It has tons of vitamins and minerals. I get either chocolate or strawberry. If you have a blender, it mixes in 10 seconds. I use Rice Milk but have used water when that's all I had.

Also Kyo-Green powdered drink mix. Add a scant teaspoon (regular dinnerware) to 4 to 6 ozs. water. Mix it. Drink it fast. (Doesn't taste very good but manageable).

IMHO, these two will increase your energy. Um, as will some sleep as I know you're as bad as me on that issue.


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Hi Elaine,

I notice I get tired everyday about 4:00 and I"m really not doing too much. I was dx with IIIA. I don't know if its from cancer or still from the lung surgery I had January 26. I drink coffee and usually get my second wind. After I take my two blood pressure pills or my lipitor, it seems to hit me. Are you feeling more energetic now? Hope you are!


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I've had the same problem and took the time to talk to a few diaticians about it. Basically the all said the same thing. Anything you can do to get more fruits and veggies into you will help some. A daily multivitamin can help also.

EVERY diatician I talked to said to try to stay away from the "energy" suppliments you see on TV adds. They are all about marketing rather than actually doing anything for you. Even the "reptuable" ones are simply packaging the very same things you get in peaches and apricotes and such and selling them for a lot more than you'd pay for the fruit.

For me, I've added a TON of fruits and fresh vegies to my diet. I'll let you know how it works out.


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Hey Elaine

I’m a bit uncomfortable recommending a supplement but this one worked for me, (I think) As best I can I will try and explain but this stuff is so deep that I could be totally off base.

It is called Beta Glucan, it supposedly stimulates or aggravates the immune system and causes the Macrophages to go into action. Macrophages come from the monocytes. I have had so many blood test that I have sometimes taken this supplement prior to a test and sometimes not. When taking the supplement prior, my monocytes have been high, when I didn’t take it prior they have been in range. Ultimately these things fight the cancer and are needed. Any thing that our body can do to push back the cancer will ultimately give us less fatigue;

Since September I have had symptoms that became debilitating over the next six months I was walking flat footed and had no steam. I began taking this supplement in early May and within three days I began to pick up, and by mid June I had to admit I not only had no pain and more energy but I actually felt good. I am not at the top of my game but I am getting close.

This supplement was researched in a medical school, and the results are real. Those results that this product stimulates or aggravates the immune system and causes the Macrophages to go into action.

Personally I use the micronised stuff and not the high mg doses if it doesn’t get into your system it can’t do any good. Anyway it is roughly 85 dollars for a two month supply.

Beyond that I believe that just eating more fruits and vegetables, and getting moderate exercise is definitely a help.

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