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More News on MO Sugar


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I received the following e-mail from Mo's daughter:


Im sorry i havnt gotten back to you sooner, Things arnt looking good for mom, her Oncologist was in today, and they arn't going to be giving her any more Chemotherapy, at this point in time it would do more harm then good. They are still treating her for the Fluid on her lungs, and she's still draining...there was talk of doing the talcum powder, but that may have changed. She is in a lot of pain and we arnt sure if she is going to make it out of the hospital. If by chance they do let her leave, she may have to go to some kind of hospis where she will get the around the clock medical care that she needs. Right now the only thing we can do is take everything one day at a time. If i find out anything new i! will send you an e-mail or call. Thank you for caring so much for someone you have never met, it means a lot to me to know my mom is loved and in so many peoples hearts

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Mo...you were one of the first people I could tell was a real presence here....and someone everyone adores! Please know my prayers are added to everyone else's....that you can overcome this and that treatment is available to help you even if it's not chemo.

Keeping you and your family in my warmest thoughts and praying for a turn for the better.

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Ry, Thank you so much for sending us this update.

To Mo and her daughter: Like Angie and the rest, I WILL NOT give up on Mo. I'm devastated to hear that she isn't doing well, and can accept that, but there is always hope, and I am praying daily for our friend, Mo, to pull through this.



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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Thank you Ry. I have been wondering and wondering about Mo.

Mo, I hope you see this or maybe your daughter can read this to you. You are one amazing, beautiful person and I pray that you will beat cancer into a pulp. I pray that you will feel no pain. May God be with you. May He send an angel to sit beside you as you fight this beast.


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