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Back from Second Opinion


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Hello everyone,

My mom and I traveled to Kansas City, St. Lukes for a second opinion just since second opinions seem highly suggested. It was a little disappointing in that the Oncologist didn't seem well prepared to meet us, meaning I don't think he went over my mom's case until we were actually in front of him. I can't really say that he was all that encouraging, but then again my mother was just diagnosed 20 days ago, I don't know that his prognosis would vary all that much from the first onc, but at least he didn't give her a nine-month death sentence like the first onc. One thing that did concern me was that he thought radiation was not going to be part of her treatment. I was surprised to hear him say that so early on, I figured that wouldn't be determined after her first 3 scheduled chemos. Does anyone know anything about that, meaning when does one normally find out whether they will be having radiation? My mom's hair started falling out in big clumps a few days ago, we first went with cutting it short, then I shaved it yesterday. I think that really hit her hard, as it does with everyone I'm sure. Anyhow, I can tell that she's pretty depressed right now. She said today that she wished she had some "goals" to work towards. I asked her if she wanted to return to work, she said no. She didn't really seem to know exactly what goals to plan for herself, let me know if you have any suggestions. I've been reading the message board often and get so much from it. I've got you all on my prayer list.

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my moms case is similar. Radiation is really only used for limited small cell. Although, my mom was diagnosed with extensive sclc with mets to adrenal. After all of her chemo she went for a pet scan and the adrenal was not cancerous. There was still a mass, but no activity. Then, she was sent for radiation. For them to do radiation the cancer has to be in one close area. A biopsy was only done on my moms lung, not on the adrenal so they ASSUMED it was cancerous. Therefore they did radiation after chemo. If this was limited small cell they would do chemo and radiation at the same time. The radiation did nothing in my moms case. I hope i helped you understand a little better. Please keep me posted, and i will keep your mom in my prayers.

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Anne -

Please come to Tulsa....

I've been told there are options here for Mike that I've NEVER even heard of before. We had been told they cannot do radiation on small cell lung cancer.....That's NOT what we are hearing here.

This is our "third" opinion....I want you to know it's not against the rules to have third or even fourth or even fifth opinions.....


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Mr. and Mrs. Mike,

I really appreciate your reply to my post. I actually just called the Cancer Treatment Center there today to ask for a free video they have to offer, I should be getting that in the mail within a couple of days. How is Mike doing? I'm so glad you have found a place that gives you hope and comfort. I'm going to look into Tulsa and propose that to my mother and father. Thanks again. :lol:

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Guest DaveG


Keep on truckin' on. You have to find that one doctor your comfortable with, absolutely a must.

Shannon is so inspirational, she is my morning boost on many mornings.

Kind of like a cup of coffee :D:D:D:D8):wink:

My prayers are going your way along with all my other prayers for so many others.

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Anne, we were told that my mom couldn't have radiation either. She just finished her last chemo treatmen at least until the ct scans come back and I asked her onc. She said no radiation now, she would only use it as a second line treatment b/c of limitations of how much radiation she could have. I didn't question it further but I often wonder if it should be done.

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