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Hello from Bayou country


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I just want to say hello to all of you from bayou country. I arrived here in Louisiana a week ago tomorrow morning at 6am. twelve hours late. An unexpected layover of 8 hours in LA proved to be not only tiring but an andventure. I met some great people on my trip so the disadvantages of train travel seemed to be balanced by that. One lady in particular became an instant friend and we exchanged addresses. We found that we had a lot in common and have had many of the same experiences(her husband died in WWII).

MY time in the bay area was really good. I enjoyed being with my family and getting to spend time with Johnny's niece and brother. I got a special treat while at his nieces house. She has a video that was made in 1993 when Johnny visited them. On the video he was so well and so Johnny that it really made my heart ache but the best part of all is a song that he sang on that video. There was a special song that he had written about our relationship after we seperated and he moved to Washington in 1962. When he died I thought that our song was lost forever. YOu can not imagine what it did for me hearing him sing our song on that video. I sat there frozen with the tears flowing. Soon I will get a copy of it.

Well the wedding is tonight. My granddaugher will be a beautiful bride. I feel both old and humble when I think about her being married. I need to go for now but will wriite more of an update later. My love and prayers go out to all of you. Lillian

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