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My mother's brain mets


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My mother 53years old was diagnosed with NSCLC stage 4 Adeno 2 months ago with brain mets 8 of them, liver mets ,kidney mets,mets to her spine and possible bone mets. Before they could do anything to help her lung they said they had to get her brain mets taken care of first. So we did that she went for Whole brain radiation 1 1/2 months ago. The doctor there said they might be able to get a couple of them but there will always be some remaining so they were just trying to buy her some time because she wanted to be at my wedding September 18th 2004 the doctor didn't think it would be likely she would be there but we didn't loose hope. After receiving 5 doses of the WBRT she seemed to be doing great with minor nausia. A couple of days later she didn't seem to be as with it as she always was but that was the least of our worries, she was starting to feel numb in the arm and leg and started to really weaken. So we brought her to the hospital and the doctor told us in private that the radiation probably didn't work and she would die soon very soon in days. So my mom's wish from the beginnig was to be healthy for my wedding in September which became out of the question. So me and my family started planning my wedding for the next day May 15th we all came together and did everything we could to make my mothers dream come true we asked if she could attend the wedding or just the church part and the doctors didn't see that as a problem her health wasn't too bad its just they thought her brain would soon shut down. On May 15th my mothers breathing got really bad and she had to be put on oxygen so now we weren't sure she would make it a all to the wedding or even worse make it through the night, but I was ready to have the wedding in the hospital with my now wife who supported me through all of this and was willing to give up here dream wedding all for me and my family and I'll never forget that. Anyways by noon I was a wreck hearing this news and didn't think it would be possible to plan a wedding with my mother dying, So everything was looking down I really started to doubt God I kept asking him for favors and I was always shut down with more bad news 2 months ago my mother was perfectly fine now she is dying painfully how could I believe, No God could do this to such a wonderful lady. But I still prayed that she could at least witness my wedding. And then the good news came with all the doctors doubting her with all stats against her a 1 in 2 million chance the doctor came in and said thoses words I'll never forget Your Cat scan is clear you have no more brain mets and everything looks good we will probably be able to release you to go to your Son's wedding I tell you I will never doubt God again. Me and my family were amazed we went crazy and because of this news everything for the wedding came together my family, the best family in the world all came together and made a wedding happen all in less then 24hrs, the food, the drinks, the DJ, the Cake, My wife's dress (that she looked amazing in) all the Tuxes getting family from all over to drop their plans and come to our wedding. It was honestly unbelievable. Later that day after everything seemed to be taken care of we got a bit more bad new my mother had developed Pneumonia probably from the meds the doctors put her back on "Dexazone" because they assumed the radiation didn't work, but after the good news we heard that morning we knew she could beat that but the doctors wouldn't let her leave the hospital so we did the whole church thing with the family's minus my mother and father but like I said before, we hopped in my car and me my new wife and the minister all went to the hospital were we got married again so she could see it she was thrilled, it made her day, she actually smiled again not one of the fake smiles she would do to help relieve us from knowing she was in pain but an actual smile again, she was always so un selfish hidding her pain to make us more comfortable, but because of that smile our wedding was perfect my mother was at the hospital with the new positive news the first time we received positive news yet, the wedding was going great my mother got what she wished for everything was great. Unfortunately she couldn't make it to the reception hall but the fact that she was alive to witness my wedding was enough. The wedding was all done at 3:00 in the morning the last person left at that time we closed off the night with the Song stairway to heaven. At exactly 3:08 Heaven received a new angel my mother the strongest women alive. To me this story is worthy to be in the Good News section because I know now how important family is and that doctors don't know it all and nobody should ever give up because my mother didn't and it made it a lot easier on us all, if she would have she wouldn't have seen me get married and I would have had a much harder time dealing with this all. But most importantly she helped me believe there is a higher power out there and he only seems to take the best.

So Mom I love you and Thanks for everything

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Mark, What a incredible story and it just sent chills down my spine.

It is so wonderful your mother was able to see you get married.

You have a wonderful wife and it is just awesome how family pulls

together in a time of need. My mom was put in hospice in early Jan.03

on a Friday night the doctor told me to get my siblings in town quick.

I am in Ohio had a sister in Vegas who had to get a plane a brother in

South Carolina and a brother in another city in Ohio who had to drive.

The doctor said she would be lucky to make it 24 more hours. To make

a long story short my mom was not ready to go anywhere but home.

With the help of my brother who is a nurse she came home on Tuesday

and had what she called the best week ever getting to spend it with all

of her kids together. :) She continued fighting and passed away on

March 18th, 2003 I was her caregiver and she talked about that week

with us all being together and telling stories of old times and laughing all

the way until the day before she passed. Haylee

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


Thanks to God. Thanks to you for going through so much to make sure your mom was at your wedding. Perhaps the miracle arose from your actions and from your mom realizing how much you wanted her to be there. Love can do wonders.


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Oh my gosh!!!!! What a truely incredible sequence of events. You are surely blessed. Mark, it sounds as if your mom was and incredible lady and it also sounds as if your wife is an incredible lady as well. Your story brought tears to my eyes, I am serious. Please know that you and your family are in our prayers. We are all here for you. May god bless your mother and always be with you and your special bride.

David C

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Mark, what an incredible and wonderful story. I am so sorry for your loss, but happy for the things you gained -- a stronger trust in God, the knowledge that your new wife is even more special than maybe you knew, and the witnessing of a miracle! Stairway to Heaven has always been one of my favorite songs... now it will mean more every time I hear it. Thank you for sharing the story with us.


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Thank You

I was diagnosed in Feb 2001 and prayed to be around for 10 years, what a stretch I thought at the time. I have since then been here for my youngest to start dating, drive, and graduate from high school. My oldest -a son- was married last Sept in 2003 in NC and I was there. My middle one-well she is still struggling and I am still here for all 3.

I KNOW how much it meant to your mom to be there for you. Nothing means more to us than you-our kids. Your happiness is what helped her make it thru that nite.


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