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Mike had his PET Scan today


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Mike had his PET scan this morning - well actually it was NOON before they came and got him. They were having "trouble" with their software to read the cat scan. The tech said it had never happened before and he had the "support line" dial into his computer by modem to fix it. I just looked at him and smiled because I know - stuff like that happens to me all the time! I've reached a point where I don't even get shook up anymore by delays, failures, miscommunications or mistakes! I just expect them!

After we ate our 2:00 pm lunch, we went outside for a walk...90 degrees here today! Then we came in and had an ice cream sundae - They were having a fund raiser for research.

Tonight they had "movie" night on the 28th floor atrium, so Mike and I took in the movie. When we got back to the room, Mike asked if I enjoyed our "date".

So - today was a good day. We won't know the results of the cat scan until Monday...so Mike has this weekend to continue to gain strength, eat more and get his pain meds "equalized".

As soon as they feel they have the pain meds "level" they will put in the permanent epidural pump. He won't have to have that filled but once every 3 months and it won't effect his "mind".

He is doing great - most of the confusion is gone...he still has some "chemo fog" I call it, but not much worse than just 'getting old' He just thinks slower than he use to...but don't we all? LOL

Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts.


Shannon & Mike

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Guest DaveG


You two are the gutsiest people on the board. You took a chance and it looks like the chance is paying it's just rewards. Congratulations on all the good news from Tulsa.

What you have done solidifies what i and so many others have said for so long: This is your life. You have two choices (1) roll over and die or (2) fight at any cost. This just proves that life is precious and we should go to extreems to bring our quality of life back to us.

Keep up the good reports, as i am sure you will.

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Shannon and Mike,

So wonderful to here from you. :D I'm so happy that you guys are doing so well and Mike is in good hands with you by his side! I will pray for the best possible results and keep your faith and attitude strong. :D

As always you are an inspiration to me.


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Keep up the faith, praying for more good days and happy moments for you and Mike. :D:D it all sounds sooooo good!! ; I'm happy for ya.

God bless you and Mike

Bobmc - NSCLC - stage IIB - left pneumonectomy - 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today !"

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