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Health problems tied to power plants

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In our Local News Paper yesterday in the section:

Nation & World Briefing it reads:

Health problems tied to power plants.

WASHINGTON - A consultant used by the Environmental Protection

Agency said health problems linked to power plant pollution shortens nearly 24,000 lives a year, including 2,800 from lung cancer. The report released Wednesday by Cambridge, Mass.-based Abt Associates Inc., commissioned by environmental advocacy groups, found that 22,000 of those deaths are preventable. It also found that people dying prematurely from problems associated with exposure to fine particle pollution also is responsible for 38,200 nonfatal heart attacks each year, accoundy to the study.

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http://www.catf.us/projects/power_secto ... ground.php

The article discuses how enough power plant waste (PPW) is made each year to fill the Grand Canyon. Laden with heavy metals and other harmful toxics known to contaminate water supplies, these wastes cause injury and death to livestock and wildlife, and threaten human health with birth defects, cancer, and organ and neurological damage. PPW is routinely dumped in unlined impoundments, landfills, and mines throughout the United States, allowing hazardous chemicals such as arsenic, chromium, and lead to leach into surface and ground waters.

The county I lived in graveled the roads on 2 sides of our property with this stuff. It looks like gravel but is softer and vehicle traffic pulverizes it into a fine powder and all of the waste that is cleaned from the stacks ends up in the residents yards, gardens, homes and bodies.

If you touch a magnet to it, it gets covered with tiny iron particles.

There is a law in this state that says it's not supposed to be disposed of like that but no one will do anything about it.

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