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Garage Sale Idea

Connie B

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Hi Everyone,

I didn't know where to post this message but I just wanted to share an idea that I have with you.

The other day, I was trying to figure out how to get some much needed funds for our LCSC. Well, low and behold I was reading the paper and there it was in Black and White! "Garage Sale benefits cancer foundations" WOW, I thought, what a great idea to raise money for LCSC. So, I had a chat with my daughter and she and I are putting together a LCSC Garage Sale, and all proceeds will to to LCSC.

I don't have all the ins and outs as of yet, but if anyone has some good ideas they want to share with me regarding our Garage Sale, by all means please do! I'm always open for ideas!!!!

Well, I just had to share this with you all. I'll keep you all posted.

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Great idea! Maybe if more LCSC members had yard sales and donate the proceeds we could really raise some money! I am having a yard sale for my childrens's program in July. One idea that really worked well, was to sell sodas at a dollar a each and chips. Baked goods use to be big, but not many people trust them these days. Also, we are doing a silent auction/ Italian food cookoff. We got various businesses to donate everything from plane tickets to termite control and had people bid on them. Hope

this helps!


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Guest makwa_04

why not have people dontae stuff {not junk}

collect it for awile and auction it off on ebay.. they give discount listing fees for .org,s

Yardsales tend to never do well, where as ebay brings in more people whom are looking to buy something

and believe me.. it will see on the ebay site

Would take you a couple people to help you , at least getting started ect ect

it could be a continus thing.. once started never stopping.

One person cn run the ebay thing once started... and keep it going.

buy books from other yard sales for say 50 cents and sell for 8-9 dollars

dont laugh.. it happens alot.

a person we know well quit thier job just to run around librarys to get the book discards and list and sell them... and they are doing well at it....grossing about $900 a month for only a couple hours "real work" per day

be worth checking out..

bad thing about yard sales.... everybody says they will help... but in truth

most dont show up and there is really no profit margin.

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Great idea about the flea market. love your new picture. You look so much younger in this one and your eyes twinkle just so. Love it.


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Wow, what GREAT ideas! Thank you for giving me some added idea's to our sale! I'm always open to more! Love the idea of selling, pop, or water, etc... We'll be sure to do that!

Cheryl, you'll appreciate this one. At our Lung Cancer Survivors Event we did two years in a row at our State Capitol, we were thinking of having little snack sandwiches. Well, low and behold the guy I worked with at the Capitol said, "You might want to NIX the idea of sandwiches, because if someone gets sick then they can come back and SUE the person in charge of the Event". (that was ME) :shock::shock::shock: He suggested store bought cookies and bottled water and juices. So, that's what we did!

I LOVE the EBAY idea too! That is an awesome idea! We'll have to look into that one for sure! I don't have the time to do that right now, but maybe someone else would be willing to take this on!

Thank you ALL, for your encouragement and ideas. It's most appreciated.

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