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Just want to Thank You All

Connie B

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Hi Everyone,

I just want to take a minute of your time and say THANK YOU for all your kind, loving, caring, comforting, and supportive ways. I was sitting here reading over a lot of the messages on this board and I can't say enough about all the Kindhearted, Supporting members we have here. It really softens my heart to know that we come from all parts of this world and we offer support and comfort to one another and it all comes so easy to us.

Oh sure sometimes we have bad days, and maybe blurt out things some of us don't want to hear, but then all the kind and caring people here rally around when they see we do that, and once again, they offer support and comfort during our bad times as well as our good! It isn't always easy when we are all facing so much pain, fear, sadness, and difficulty in our lives.

You all touch my heart with your compassion and kindness, and as a Lung Cancer Survivor, I wish to thank you. As a Member of the Board for this wonderful board, I also wish to thank you for being so understanding with us and with eachother and for offering your kindness and help in keeping this board afloat. As you all know, it's not always easy to keep EVERYONE happy, but I can assure you we do our very best to accomplish that very important task.

I pray for all of us, and I thank you all again, for your comfort and support. I don't know what I would do without this board. I never want to know either. You've been here for good times of mine and you've been with me through some tough ones. THANK YOU!

Love To All,


P.S. Thank you to Rick and Katie for keeping us all AFLOAT and for there countless hours of making this board a Reality! Thank YOU!

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Your one of the people on this board that ALWAYS has something to say to my posts. You were one of the first people to PM me, and also to answer my first posts when I was SOOOO scared. Your words mean ALOT to me and to everyone else too. So THANK YOU...for everything...


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What a nice, thoughtful note, Connie. Don't you just get overwhelmed sometimes when you think of the magnitude of this board and how many people it helps? There isn't a time that I don't get on here and see several guests logged in. We really don't know how many people are genuinely touched and helped by this site and all the wonderful people that contribute their thoughts, experiences, and even their inner, private feelings.

Thank you EVERYONE!

Love to all,


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