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Iressa, courage and a standing ovation for you!


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Hello everyone,

Well, my husband was admitted to the hospital again on Thursday. He had been out for 9 days for the prior hospitalization for the plueral effussion/chest tube saga...he was admitted for major leg and abdomen swelling but more importantly he was admitted because he was in extreme pain! I think they have finally figured out a good combination of medication to help him through this which is so very important for a good quality of life. We've learned to live with the chest tube and now seems just part of our day. No big deal compared to the pain. Anyway, he's getting started on Iressa, he has had 3 doses and I'm thrilled! I feel like we're back in the fight!! Yeah!

This morning I was watching a sports clip show about all these remarkable sports moments from hockey to gymnastics and how "moved" everyone was by their abilities, etc, etc and I thought to myself, you need to do a video clip show of my husband! He's showing more courage and talent dealing with this cancer and he's not getting a standing ovation! Not to take away from the talented athletes but let me just tell you this - my hero is sitting in a hospital bed right now and he's not complaining, he's not asking for anything, he's praising God and he's fighting a battle with a nasty beast and I couldn't be prouder. I read each of your stories and I am moved by each of you and your stories. I'm giving you all a standing ovation! Go Team!

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I just love what you wrote. It gave me goose bumps. From now on I will think of all the fighters on here as deserving a standing ovation. I'm so glad you gave us that analogy!

Good luck with the Iressa. My husband has also just started Iressa.

God bless you,


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I am inspired by your husbands courage. I am glad that you have the pain under control. I hope he gets back on the air soon. It is amazing that doing what you love helps to forget about the pai; although, the worst pain that I have had thus far as that chest tube. OOOUCH! :0 Prayers for you both.

Cheryl and Jack

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