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News is not good no matter what here


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Well, I hate to have to tell you all about Rob's CT Scan and bone scan. We had to wait for the Dr about 50 minutes. This was the first time we ever waited more than 15 minutes. We were waiting for two months, so whats one more hour I guess. So, she told us that the Gemzar Navelbine was not working at all. It sure made him sick though. Rob now has multiple tumors in both lungs,( more besides the ones already there) the ones that were originally there last time have grown. This explains why he can't lie down to sleep.. He feels like he can't get a good breath. and he said its like having a weight on his chest all the time. So we are taking the sectional center piece out of the couch, putting the two ends together, and I will sleep on one side, and he can be in the recliner, so we can at least sleep by each other. :)

Then the bone scan. We could not believe the results from that! There is a spot on his left shoulder, which explains why it has been hurting and he can't lift his arm without pain. He also has more involvement in his leg, hip, and spine again. The Dr just kept saying, "There's a spot here, and one there" and on and on.!! It is spreading all over his skeleton! :cry: Thank God we got him the Duragesic pain patch a few weeks ago (75mg) and he also is taking Oxycontin 80mg twice a day for pain. We originally thought the pain was from the chemo, which is what the Dr says happens when taking the gemzar/navelbine. We were is shock needless to say.

The night before the Dr visit, we had a good talk(and a good cry)

together. I could see him getting weaker, losing weight and appetite, I just knew that the news was not going to be good, even though I was hopeful. I just wasn't expecting it to be as bad as it was. Rob was taking the Zometa for the bones, but it is not working any more either.

So starting on Monday, he starts taking Iressa. I called around to see who had it in stock, no one did.. In fact, the rite aid and safeway pharmacies, said, "How do you spell it? What is it?" It this stuff that new or what?? So we had to order it. Thank God for insurance! They said 30 pills are about $1000.00. WOW.... I have heard good and bad about the Iressa. I just pray to God that it works for Rob! :? Thanks for listening,

God please help us all.


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Tess....I am so sorry to hear your latest news....but I will pray that the Iressa works for Rob and works well.

I do admire your spirit...such as how you've figured out a way for Rob to sleep more comfortably and for you to be by his side.

Keeping you both in my positive thoughts and prayers for things to turn around and for the Iressa to work. I will look forward to a good news report from you!

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Hi, Tess!

Boy, can I identify with what you're feeling right now. My husband got a similar type report last week - there just didn't seem to be anything good about it. The first few days after receiving the results were the hardest, but after that, we started feeling a lot better and got back in the fight. Fay A. posted her test results yesterday, and I love her attitude. It's worth reading, so I would suggest you check it out. It's under the Test Time forum and it's called "It's all in how you look at it."

Good luck with the Iressa - it has worked for a lot of people. My husband has also just started Iressa. Send me a PM anytime if you would like to compare notes.

Lots of love and prayers to you and Rob,


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I'm so sorry Tess. My prayers are going up for you and your husband. A billion wishes that Iressa works.


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Tess & Rob,

I sincerely hope this thing turns around for you guys. It truly breaks my heart when I hear some not so good news on here. Hopefully the Iressa will work. Im gathering up all of my good luck for you guys and sending it your way!!!


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Here's hoping that Iressa will work its magic. When I was on it, it was under a clinical trial, so never had to actually get the drug from the pharmacy. I'll be watching for positive result posts. I pray for strength to deal with the roller coaster of emotions you both have to deal with.



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