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Very Frusterated !!!!

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Hello everyone ! I am so mad i could spit nails. I have been off work since the begining of March. My employer has a short term disability plan thru American General- US Life. It runs for 26 weeks. I am supposed to recieve a check weekly.However, they seem to think it is neccesary to re- evaluate my status at least once a month. This causes delays in my checks.I did not recieve a check last week and will not recieve one next week either. I contacted them on Fri. and the claim rep told me they needed to send another attending physician statement to me so i can give it to my Dr. this is ridiculous ! Does anyone have any info on any consumer advocacy groups or anyone who might be able to help me ? I scrolled down and got all the other info off this forum that i could but i need all i can get. This is totally bullcrap.I know of several others with my company who have alot less signifigant illnesses and they havent had any trouble getting their payments on a regular basis.Im not trying to overplay the " cancer card " here i just expect to recieve my std payments as well as everyyone else. If anyone can help i wouls appreciate it.


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Have you talked to the HR contact at your company? I would think that they could handle this for you.

Or try calling Amer Genl and ask for a supervisor or manager and try to find out why they are doing this and what can you do to stop it.

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As Ginny said, start with the HR person at your company. They should be your advocate if you feel you are being jerked around. My husband is also on disability and had to provide many statements too in the beginning. The long term disability seems to run a little smoother. Don't forget to apply for Social Security disabilty when you get close to being off 6 months.

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