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I Need Strength And Positive Vibes...Prayers

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Moms breathing sounds bad through the phone, she said it may be asthma? She will get results from the scans this week.

Jennie starts chemo tommorow... Shes been having infusion therapy and radiation. Shes scared, yesterday I was with her all day, She said she was going to be with her boyfriend but she was sleeping on my couch most of the day. She was shaking, I didn't ask but I pray they are not breaking up... Jennie doesn't need that heartache! She needs support. Shes such a beautiful person! Shes very thin I'm worried about the chemo, and her care.

I'm feeling angry and overwhelmed.... I'm ashamed to say this but I'm feeling like I could knock someone out! Tommorow I'm going to try to sign up for aerobic kickboxing at the gym!!

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WAITING...... :shock: We will have the results around One oclock East Coast Time... I just got written up at work for poor performance even though I got a bonus and won an award last week.... :cry:

I pray that everything is still fine with my MOM. I am planning on holding a benefit concert for Jennie.. The first Concert for Care/Cure...


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I'm totally panicing clear across the country Mom just called and she sounds terrible... Her doctor is on vacation... Her scans not clear... I think its fluid. Maybe its an infection or a blood clot? She got an antibotic but I'm scared and hoping, my fear is that they aren't telling me everything.


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((((((Laurie)))))) - big hugs to you -- Sound like you really need them! Kickboxing might do you a world of good. Can you kick cancer out of the universe while you're at it?! :twisted:

I'm so sorry to hear the news about your mom. I hope it is not as bad as you fear, and that she is feeling much better soon, and that you can trust that she is getting the care she needs while you can't be there.

Your friend is very blessed to have you at this scary point in her life. If that boyfriend is not a TOTAL jerk, he will be there for her now, too, no matter what.

You're in my thoughts & prayers. Hang in there, Laurie -- and go kick some cancer butt!


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Of course we'll keep praying that your mom feels better and lets you not worry so much. If the antibiotics are kicking in, maybe it is an infection.

You last mentioned she was NED in Dec, I am hoping that is still the case.

Stay tuff, kid.





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