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cisplatin and CPT-11


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I think cisplatin/VP-16 (etoposide) is still pretty much the standard treatment. But it *seems* like all the research says cisplatin/CPT-11 is better.

You can do a google search for cisplatin CPT-11. Or type in Irinotecan (the same thing as CPT-11) and you will get a lot of research that seems to suggest better results with this combo.

It takes a long time to confirm results and doctors still use the standard (maybe it's insurance, maybe it's malpractice issues). I think the phase III trials of this combo should be complete soon and hopefully it will show better survival and be the standard

One thing is unfortunate is that is takes so long to make progress. And it will take longer unless the newer drugs are tested faster

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My husband had the choice of both lines of treatment explained to him by the doctor and the doctor leaned towards the CPT-11. After I did some investigation, studies showed longivity with the CPT-11 vs. VP-16. His tumor was 20 cm initially, his entire right lung and gone, shrunk to 2.5 within just a few months. After four months of treatment be began sliding downward because of his liver. The doctor then switched him to the VP-16. If his liver hadn't been so bad, he would be here today. The oncologist called my husband a miracle, he was only expected to live several weeks but the CPT-11 gave us more time, noi enough but more.

I hope my input will aid in people looking into this drug as a possibility for treatment.


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