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to sissdj re: iressa


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From what I understand from my dads oncologist, the doctor must be part of the clinical study to get iressa. However, I think it is easier for other doctors to get because it is currently awaiting approval from the FDA, and it is being pushed through on some quick program. My dads oncologist said that usually when a drug is almost approved, the drug company stops making it available to new patients, pretty much because they know that soon it will be available and they lessen their own paperwork. However, the drug co. that manufactures Iressa has-thankfully- made it MORE widely available, basicly "oh, the poor guys is dying, lets do the humane thing and try to help him out" catagory, I'm sorry, I forget the actual term, and its annoying me because the word is at the tip of my tongue ! Cary got it, the word was "compassionate use"-thank you Cary. When I remember, I'll edit this and write the catagory correctly. Even though my dad didn't fit into that catagory, that is how they were able to get it for him. I would really try to find out if this oncologist can get it or not, if not you may want to find one that can. I do know that one of the qualifications that my dad had to fit was that 3 courses of chemo were tried, which they were. I hope this was of some help to you. Take care, Deb

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Thanks for your fast reply.... The only treatment my Dad had was radiation to the brain. they have done nothing to the lungs. The cancer has spread to the spinal cord. He has no use of his legs.....his bowels stoped working 2 weeks ago... the doctor has sent hopice..... I don't want to give up.... I really wanted to get iressa for Dad.... doesn't look like thats going to happen now...... Thanks again for your reply......

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