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Terrified, facing biopsy, won't be coming here anymore

Guest bean_si (Not Active)

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Cat, this is unacceptable! You will get your butt back here right now. I had a misunderstood post a couple of days ago, and we PM'd back and forth and it was just exactly like Elaine said. I couldn't hear the voice and misunderstood. The two of us kissed and made up.

It's ok. It's ok. It's going to be OK. Take deep breaths, give yourself time to calm down and then get right back here - WITHOUT DELAY!!!!

I, personally, need your compassion and your knowledge. I don't even know 10% of what you do about this thing called cancer.

Not only do we NEED you, but you NEED us! WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER!

SO GET BACK HERE --------------------- NOW!!!

Please, please, pretty please



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Yeah, what Katie said!

Cat - you have my prayers regardless. I too know nothing about anything wrong, but hope you can continue on the board. If not you will be greatly missed and prayed for daily just as if you were here.

Be well, be safe, and please stay with us -- even if only to lurk and see how many people really do care about you.


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I am praying for you, and hoping you will stick with us. (I'd miss you AND your adorable dog!) We do have disagreements now and then, but I hope all of us are able to withstand them and not let any disparaging remarks keep us from supporting one another. By the nature of this community, we're all under a lot of stress, and I'm sorry if you've been or felt attacked by anyone. Your presence here is as valuable as anyone else's, as we all learn from and support each other. If you do choose to go, please know that you go with best wishes and the prayers of many people.



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I don't know what happened....and I haven't been here very long but I've yet to see anything but kindness and support and knowledge here....and you are an active part of all that!

Whatever has happened...it's always wise to remember the gaps that occur in cyberspace because anything we say lacks tone of voice, body language, facial expression...and all the things that can help us better understand the words!

I'm sorry you felt hurt or misunderstood when you're smack dab in the middle of such a stressful time. And OF COURSE it's fair and it's absolutely right for you to ask for prayers...and I hope you know you have them.

I always say I'm a turtle too....because "home" is on my back. It's not WHERE I am....it's WHO I'M WITH. At this time in your life...you need to be the same kind of turtle that I am....and BE with the people who will help and support you. Please reconsider about taking leave....because the strength of this place, I think...is in ALL the people who are here.

You are needed here and besides, it sounds to me like Peggy has laid down the law! :wink: I wouldn't want to mess with Peggy when she's sounding so definite....would you? :)

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I ditto what everyone else has said about things getting lost in the translation when you are corresponding via the computer. And I think we are probably all a little on edge most of the time, which doesn't help.

That aside, I hope everything goes well for your upcoming tests, and that you will return to let us know the outcome. We all need each other in this battle.

Wishing you well.


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Dear Cat,

I emailed you in private but I wish to also address this on the board. I have read TWO messages today from members that say they have been attacked by other members in PM'S. Katie is 1000% right when she says this is NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR I am very concerned that two of our family members on this board have had to go through such a hurtful situation. I STONGLY ENCOURAGE you to STAY with this family, because you would be greatly missed by many, me included.

I really want to say this: PEOPLE, please stop the badgering, life is toooo short, and we don't have the time nor the energy to deal with such non-sense. Everyone has an OPINION, and sometimes our OPINIONS are best kept to ourselves. Wait before you write, think before you say something if it might be hurtful. PLEASE! We need to be here for each other, for COMFORT AND SUPPORT. No more, no less.

Try to keep this in mind: When your happy, I'm happy, When you hurt, I hurt, When your sad, I'm sad, and that's what friends are for. Lets just be KIND to one another.

My Love, Hugs and Support to ALL,

Connie B.

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I'm SOOOOO very sorry that anyone was discourteous to you! Please know that the majority of us try to be kind and supportive even when our ideas may differ. I'm appalled that you were hurt, especially as your life is totally full of LC trauma already.

You have my unconditional prayers and hopes that you will grace us with your knowledge and support when the decks have cleared a bit for you. Meanwhile, hold firm.

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