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About waiting for test results....


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.....we ALL know how hard it is. So...I want to share something that a radiology tech told me. She is the granddaughter of a woman I play golf with...and was most upset to find me in the waiting room one Friday, there for an abdominal CT a week after my dx.

Anyway....I had the CT at about 3:30 in the afternoon...but she told me, "Have your doctor call at the end of the day and the radiologist can give him a VERBAL report!! That way you won't have to wait till Monday for the results!!"

And that is just what I did. My internist called and then called to give ME the report by about 6:00 that night!! It was clean...and let me tell you, I enjoyed that weekend a lot more than I would have if I was waiting on test results, not knowing~!!

It sure would be nice if more doctors would do this. My internist happens to be a really wonderful guy....very sympathetic to how hard it is to wait for results. I'm sure not all doctors would be AS accomodating as mine is.

But...those who would be...might be more than happy to do this...to call the radiologist for a verbal report and then let the patient know.

So...while I know some of you may already do this or have thought of it....for those who may not have, it seemed worth posting about. Hope it helps some of you to get results sooner and not have to cope with that awful waiting period!

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I agree -- as I have said often "I don't wait well".....

I usually schedule my scans first thing in the morning. I have all my test done at the hospital where I had treatment. It makes things easier -- results don't have to be sent far... My husband, knowing that I REALLY don't do well playing the waiting game, usually waits about an hour and calls my oncology nurse, who gives him the verbal preliminary report.

I had my last CT Scan in May at 8:30 in the morning. By the time I got to work at 9:30 and got my morning cup of green tea, my husband was calling me with the preliminary report.

My oncology "in-person" visit is always scheduled for the day after my scan to go over the final report with the doctor.

Now THAT is service! :wink:

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