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Greetings All! My journey has just begun!

Gina D.

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And I am hoping to get some good guidance from those that have started down this road before me. I appreciate that you are here! It seems that there is very little on the net for this sort of thing, and I live in the Mountains in a small rural community that just doesn't have a large enough population to warrant a support group.

I thought I would introduce myself before I went lurking in the other forums. My name is Gina, I am single with no children and have very little family left. I turned 44 on March 31 of this year and for my birthday (well, 3 days later) I recieved a Lobectomy of my Lower Right lung and, hopefully, a whole new chance at a long life.

My nodule was VERY small, 1 cm, and I want to kiss the persistant radiologist that was aware of my smoking history for spotting that tiny thing and pushing for further investigation. I don't even know his/her name. They spotted a Stage 1 adenocarcinoma. No spread to nodes or anywhere else. I have been told that no further treatment is warranted.

It has been a long 4 months since suspicion, to surgery, to recovery and now I am back to work on the 3rd of June. Life goes on.

I will go check out the other forums, as I have MANY questions for everyone here. I hope no one gets tired of me asking things! Thanks in advance for any answers I may get along the way.

And I apologise ahead of time for my lack of proper terminology! I will learn!

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Guest DaveG


Welcome to Lung cancer Survivors for Change. Sorry you have the need to be here, but you have found a home for lung cancer here. All of us, almost 400 strong, share this un-godly disease, but we also share hope, support, love, faith, and very liberal amounts of compassion.

I too, live in the boonies, of Central Wisconsin, and am about 40 miles away from the University of Wisconsin, where I gomy treatments. I understand about the lack of local support, but have been able to find that here.

I was 57 when I was diagnosed, 4-1/2 years after I quit smoking. The people here have been great, especially as I went through restaging in April. Everyone identifies and cares here.


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Gina -

Welcome. I, too, am 44 years old and I live in a rural town in PA. We have no support groups here, either. This board has been my salvation and I can't say enough about my cyber "family"!!! Since I was diagnosed last July, I have found the folks here to be caring, sensitive, informative - Oh, and funny, too (see Just for Laughs)!!! You couldn't have found a better place to come for support - I look forward to reading your posts!! :lol:


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Gina, welcome to the board, but sorry you have to be here. This is just the best group of people and we will never get tired of answering your questions. I'm so glad your L/C was found early, but as you can see by some of the other posts, staging can change as time progresses. I don't mean to scare you, but be sure to stay on top of this and make sure there is no spread. Your tumor sure sounnds small, so I hope your finished with this completely. I've been to Crestline and it is sure pretty. My sister lived in Big Bear Lake for about 10 years.


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Hello to everyone and thanks for the kind greetings! I am sure I have found a good place here, and have already heard from some of you in the short hours since I joined!

Anniemac ~ That is funny! I worked in Redmond for awhile and grew up in Portland and Seattle. I moved to So. Cal. 10 years ago to care for my stepfather, who had bone cancer.

I wish I could return to the NW, but I am now tied to the med insurance for quite awhile. Crestline seems a nice compromise for a born and raised webfoot in Southern Cal.

Thank You all again! It si good to not feel so isolated by the circumstances anymore!

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Hi Gina; My very best to you and a great big WELCOME!! :):):)

I too am very grateful to a persistent radiologist, and a thorough GP who was aware of my smoking history. I was dx.'ed stage IIB and had my left lung removed. That was over 2 years ago. Real good to be a SURVIVOR today. :lol::lol: Hang a bit and ask your questions were all here for one another.

Again welcome, you'll find this board to be a real special place with wonderful caring people.

God bless and be well

Bobmc - NSCLC- stage IIB - left pneumonectomy 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Guest Janet W password no work!

HI Gina

I can't get my password to work on the boards right now and don't feel like taking the time to re-register -

but wanted to say HI and welcome you here. I'm 41 - was diagnosed when I had just turned 40 - I read your story about how you went home with a chest tube in place for a month -

me too. My lung kept collapsing - I had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks - but finally got to go home with that tube....went back to work after 2 months.

I'm a complete wimp. :)

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Hey Gina.

Take it from me, it sure is a comforting feeling to be able to converse with others who have walked in your shoes. It took me 26 years to find this message board and finally talk with other one lungers (mind you, we didn't have computers back then, let alone support groups). My diagnosis to recovery time after having my left lung removed was a short two weeks - I didn't even get a chance to ask questions - and I'm kind of glad too. There was no time to worry, and exercising back to normal was the only thing on my mind. Today, I work out and train for my mountain bike racing, trying to ride faster than the younger, two lunged guys. Keeps me busy. Stay in touch, and we don't mind a bunch of questions - that's why we all hang out here. So long for now,

David P.

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Welcome to the group

I also was staged at 1A three yrs ago and had a lobectomy, upper right lung---

I admire your positive thinking

never thought of my scar quite that way----but now that you mention it----it is a smile!!!

Regards Eileen

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