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Pistons World Champs...

Joe B

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I actually watched this game, even though the Trailblazers had no part in it!! :D:wink:

It was worth it to see all those Laker butts getting kicked! Woo Hooooo.....way to go, Detroit! And to do it at home, made the win even sweeter, I'm sure!

My hubby said it won't be long before the Lakers look like a brand new team...as he has a feeling a lot of them will be changing jerseys soon.

As I said before, I'm just tired of LA dominating as they have for so long....when you just know that it's all a matter of $$$ to pay those big salaries to get the big talent.

It's nice to see an underdog win once in a while...and I'm happy to see Motown take it to Tinseltown!! 8)

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Sorry all you Lakers fans, I mean ABC/NBA adjusted every game time for the west coast people thinking the Pistons didn't have a chance, almost all sports writers/broadcasters didn't give Pistons very good odds.

I think Detroit gave LA a royal spanking and all along the Pistons were the better team(not the underdogs!). Just want to thank the Pistons and the people of the Detroit and the metro Detroit are for not making a negative spectacle after the game. This is a great day for Hockeytown,USA. Again sorry to the Laker fans.

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Hope you didn't take my "underdog" comment to be an insult to Detroit! I didn't mean it to be. To clarify....I just think the "expectation" was that the Lakers would win...that it would be harder for Detroit to win.

Well...I guess Detroit showed what they're made of, eh? :) And yes...from what I read of the earlier games AND what I saw last night...Detroit definitely outplayed the Lakers and deserved to win.

Just didn't want you to think I meant anything negative by saying it's nice to see an underdog win. The way I look at it....the Lakers themselves have the attitude that compared to them....EVERY OTHER TEAM is the underdog.

In that regard then, I'll always pull for the underdog!! :wink:

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Good thing nobody's deemed me worthy of my own talk show yet...huh? :wink:

And anyway, I find Kimmel to be often mouthy! I don't watch his show but sometimes when I go to bed, I find my hubby has fallen asleep watching Kimmel! :D

So....what'd he say? Can it be repeated? And wasn't Kimmel on that "Man Show"? From what I know of that show, he coulda (shoulda) gotten yanked off the air for a lot of what he said there, too!! :roll:

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Okay, from a die-hard LAKER FAN... Congratulations, guys!

The Pistons sure earned this championship! :!:

Yep, that was very painful to watch... all 5 games, but we did it. And there's no denying the Pistons ARE the champions.


There, I've said it. (Dang, that hurts!) :oops:


(in mourning today, and waiting to see what the Lakers look like next season) :shock:

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No brainer is an apt discription as any I can think of for the way the Lakers played this series.

The Pistons proved, once again, that basketball is a TEAM sport and the best TEAM won.

If the Laker players are so interested in their own personal goals they oughta take up golf or tennis.


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Jimmy Kimmel made a remark about the people of Detroit not burning up the city after one of the games. We in this area know how to handle championships, the wings won the stanley cup in 97,98 and 2002, the Detroit Shock, won the championship in 2003and now the Pistons so we can handle it. No offense taken on the underdog saying, just I feel that collectively the Pistons were the better team aand still are so watch out, anyone remember 1988 and 1989, WE'RE BAAAAAAAACK!

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