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Joy and Sorrow.......

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First the joyful part.........Dad had a chemo treatment yesterday. The man sitting next to Dad struck up a conversation with us. Turns out this man was diagnosed in 1996 with stage IV adenocarcinoma!! YES, 1996!!! He achieved complete remission!! On a routine check up, they detected a tiny tumor in the upper lobe of his left lung. He had a lobectomy and is receiving carbo/taxol for micro mets, just in case. The oncologist says that remission is possible again. Right now, there are no signs of cancer anywhere. (chemo just in case) This news was soooooo encouraging to me. I just wanted to share it with you guys!! There is HOPE!!! He is an EIGHT YEAR SURVIVOR OF STAGE IV LUNG CANCER!!!

Now for the sorrow.......my ex boss, for whom I worked for about 10 years, lost his wife to lung cancer yesterday. She was only 58 years young. Please say a prayer for that family. It is such a sad situation.

Love and prayers to everyone!!!!!!


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