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20 years ago today.


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20 years ago I was a "returning" student (after 9 1/2 years in the Navy) to college (San Diego City College). I'd met this really cute girl in the biology class, also a "returning" student. After finding out she was a psychology major, as I was, and that she seemed to enjoy the same kind of things I did I asked her out on a date. On June 16th, 1984 we went to the San Diego Zoo in the afternoon then to the Spagettii (sp?) Factory for diner. We stoped off at her place afterwards and .. well .. I kinda never went home! :)

In the 20 years since that time Gay and I can count on the fingers of one hand the days we've been apart.

There is NO way I can express how I feel today looking back on all the things Gay and I have been through and just how lucky I am to have such a wonderful person in my life. She has taught me so much in these years together.

After my dx we weren't even sure I'd be around to celebrate this day. But I am and we are headed out this evening for some prime rib and to just "be" with each other one more wonderful day.


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Congratulations on your tenacity (or boldness for never going home??)...

Make sure you get DESSERT! Special occassions, special rules...but I'm sure that in your current journey, nothing good is ever scrimped upon. Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!

Oh no, here comes that muzak.... "Love is in the air...." :roll:

All my best,


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Dean, this brings tears to my eyes! Happy tears! I hope you and Gay have a WONDERFUL time tonight! :D

My first date with my hubby involved dinner at a Hamburger Hamlet before a play. Now everyone thinks it's weird that we celebrate special occasions there. But that night our waitress asked us if it was an anniversary or something, since we seemed so happy. Wayne said, "No, it's our first date," then he leaned over closer to her and whispered, "But it's going really well!" :lol:

Whether it's Spaghetti Factory or elsewhere, have a great time tonight, celebrating all that you have... and it's a LOT!

Congratulations on 20 years -- Happy Anniversary!


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It sounds like you deserve a huge hug and congratulations on your 20th year together. I hope you really enjoy the Prime Rib and that you get that dessert that Becky mentioned. You and Gay are both lucky people to have each other.


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