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Just updating you on my results


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Hi everyone. I just wanted to post and let everyone know that I have received the results of my PET scan . Negative! They think the mass is an inflammation or an infection but I don't have any infection symptoms.

I have now been scheduled for a CT for next week which would be 6 weeks from the original to see if the mass is the same size, smaller, or if it has grown. If the same or smaller then that would be ideal but if it has grown the doctor said that all tests then would be N/A and I would have to have the biopsy. That confused me but okay. Seeing that PET scans are supposed to have a high % rate of accuracy I am thinking I will be okay. My pulmonary doctor said he wasn't worried about this but you know the doctors always seem to have to interject the maybe medicine isn't a positive science and leave the margin for error avenue open.

I have been following the support board and feeding my positive thoughts with all the encouraging posts that I have read along the way. No two stories are ever the same. They may start out with the words being the same but each journey is different . I have learned so much in such a short period of time and hope what I have learned I can share in my life with those who don't know what a reality lung cancer really is.

I find it difficult to express in any words the way the experience for me and for all of you as well ,can traumatize someone. It is the most emotionally draining experience, bar none, that I have been through in my entire life. Even now , knowing at least the PET scan was negative, I still am bouncing back to normal and I don't know that normal will ever be a factor again. Some asked how I could be upset when I didn't know for sure of a diagnosis. I don't know. The threat of it I guess. The unknown, uncertainty, the future changing, life altering events, I don't know.

All of you have displayed a courage and outlook of an appreciation and respect for life that I have never heard before. I applaud all of you.

You are a special group of people. I also agree with I think it was DaveS that said that the support is needed most as soon as a person posts to the forum for the first time. That is so so true.

I don't know that I would ever qualify for a support person that is going through lung cancer because I am not walking the walk but perhaps I can be of support to those who are just in the initial stages.

I will post when the results of the CT are back.

Thankyou all.


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That is great news! About the PET... they are pretty accurate, and dr.'s DO always want to leave the margin open. My dad's PET came back clean a few weeks ago and the onc. told him to meet with the surgeon. When he did, the surgeon scared the crap out of him by telling him its not enough and wanted a biopsy! Never the less, biopsy came back clean too. Think dr.'s just want to be 100% certain. I for one, think PET's are a pretty amazing thing, and we have yet to have an expierence where it is wrong. So dont worry, your news sounds GREAT!!!

Best of Luck!!!!!!


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I'm so glad your scan was negative. The tumor probably wouldn't be any bigger in that short of a time period. At least mine wasn't. I have Nsclc which grows more slowly. Maybe small cell would grow that fast. Unfortunately, mine was malignant and I had to have surgery. Here's hoping you have the best of luck! Prayers!


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