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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Norme is right. All that college and the goofballs still can't read tests correctly. :evil: I'm praying that all the news you get this week will be good and you can get off this roller coaster ride.


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Francine ,

My hearing cleared up quite a bit over the following 18 months.

Still a little hard of hearing, but I am nowhere near needing a hearing aid. I only realize I can't hear really great when I'm trying to talk to the kids in the car, and I'm not watching them speak, with high background highway noise....

Hang in there, hon.



Prayers, always....

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Hi All:

Well we seem to have found the answer to my hearing problem. Went to see specialist yesterday and he has indeed found there to be lots of fluid in both ears and so he drained them both and inserted tubes in both ears.

Seem so simple!!! Not sure why it took so long but better late than never I guess.

So now I hear YEA!!!!!!!!! Still some squishing going on inside but hey!! I can hear YEA!!!!!!!

So now we turn out attention yet again to what is causing all this relentless pain. I go on Thursday to take special tests to see if neurosurgeon's interpretation of MRI is correct or if my onc is right and the cancer has returned.

Hopefully we don't have to wait for results till end of August. That is what we were told initially. I'm thinking we'll have to kick some butt here.

Will keep you all informed. Meanwhile, you are the best and I hope you will continue to keep me in your prayers as I do you.

God Bless us All,


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Hey Francine,

So glad you can hear again, be sending you some prayers!! ;

hang in there; I know the anxiety sucks! be praying for ya

God Bless and be well


left pneumonectomy 5/2/01, brain mets, 12/18/03, WBR, 2/04

chemo- 5/1 for mediastinum tumor - can't eat or drink anymore- that sucks!

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today"

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