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I work in a high rise in Indy, the tallest (48 floors). I work on 44 and got on the elevator on 44, picked up 2 girls on 43, and the elevator dropped – HARD AND FAST to 39. We grabbed the walls. It was so fast you wouldn’t have believed it. It was like a blood rush to the head. My back is hurting, but doing ok. I guess I tensed up during the drop or something – don’t remember. It came to a stop, I punched 39, but it went down to 38 and then back up to 39. We got off and took another elevator down and reported it to security. My legs were like spaghetti. You wouldn’t even believe the fear that gripped us.

I think I'll apply for a job at Kmart - only one floor there! :D



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Whoa, Peggy -

I can relate. I work on floor 22 of a 24 story building. Any hiccup of the elevator makes my heart race. Haven't had the bad luck to drop in one, but a few people in the building have. And of course a few have been stuck for a while.

Gotta say, though, that in 10 years of working in this building the elevators have been remarkably reliable. I only know of one dropping incident and like yours it was only a few floors and nobody was hurt. Doesn't make you feel any more confident about riding them about now, though. And dang it there isn't any other way to get up to your floor -- walk, oh yeah -- take half the day.

Sure glad you weren't hurt. Hope your heartbeat is back to normal now. Take care.


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