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Onocologist Surprised....


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Hi all"

This is my first posting here and just wanted to share our great new's....Wife's Onocologist was very surprised at my wife's Ct. this time.He came just short of calling it a miracle,but was just totally surprised at what he saw.

The radiologist had to show him what was left of a 3.5cm tumor as it is now just pin sized.The liver was spotless and the Doc was almost speechless but very happy for the wife.

Now if only the monster will just leave...But all thank's and Glory go to God for hearing the prayer's of St.Jude and the Holy Mother and all our friend's and family....

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Larry ! :D What great news! Thanks so much for telling us. Its great to have friends in high places! I also called on Saint Peregrine, patron saint of those suffering from cancer. I also credit the prayers of my family and parish family. Love to hear good news. Donna G

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GREAT NEWS Larry! So happy for you, your wife and family.

Just want to share with you a little story of hope. One of my Lung Cancer Support Group friends had the exact same type of lc your wife has. Her's was small cell and it had spread to her liver. The story of hope is this, she just celebrated 5 years of being clean and clear of cancer on May 15. She's is doing JUUUUSSSST FINE! This can be beat.

Best wishes.

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Thank's to every one for your kind's thought's and word's...Connie B your right this thing called lung Cancer can be beat and hopefully with God's help we will all be survivor's and can do the HAPPY DANCE....


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