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Everyone needs a check-up AND a chest x-ray


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Just wanted to post- for all of us caregivers and family members out there- that WE need those physicals, and chest x-rays too.... to keep healthy, to help our loved ones and to continue to be active and give support.

Just had a full blood work-up and a chest x-ray today. (My 3rd in two years)

and I recommend staying on top of these physicals at least yearly for everyone.

god bless

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I concur and agree!!!! Push everyone you know to get yearly exams, especially women for the yearly pap and breast exam also!!! I was thinking that those who don't get exams b/c they don't want to know should get an idiot stamp on their head. Or the excuse of being too busy.


My hair colorist is going to be in trouble tomorrow, she kept putting hers off and I said you better have an apt scheduled by my next visit!

They key is to find out if something is wrong before the symptoms start so it is easier to deal with :)

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