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It's been a weird day...(and long)

gerbil runner

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Today is my mom's 60th birthday. Back in November, when the first thought of the oncologist was that she had Stage IV pancreatic cancer, we all thought she would never see her 60th birthday.

But the good news was, she has lung cancer, the small-cell variety which can be treated! And after 7 months, she's in remission and ready to move on. We don't know if she'll ever qualify for stem cell treatment, because her pulmonary function is at 40% as of her last test. I think mom was disappointed to be put off the fast track for stem cell but...well, who knows what will happen next. She's been very very tired lately, and has had a nagging fever for part of this week. Her main onc. had wanted her to have another round of chemo this week, but her white count was too low.

Today was the last day of school for my oldest son (12, finishing 8th grade), and I'd planned on taking all 3 boys down to celebrate (Mom and Dad live 30 miles away). But my husband Bob had not been feeling well and called my from the doctor's office with the shocking news that he was being sent by ambulance to the hospital!!!!

Bob has GERD, and his colonoscopy had revealed mild diverticulosis (this was about 9 months ago), but he's developed an infection - diverticulitis. Get this - he calls me from the doctor's office to tell me the doctor is sending him to the hospital for a CT scan and that surgery is a possibility -but don't worry, stay home with the kids. Yeah, right!!! He was in tears when I showed up with a book and Sports Illustrated to keep him company.

So here's a switch - my dad came to stay with my 3 boys so I could go to the hospital to be with Bob. Bob is deathly afraid of hospitals because of 2 traumatiic surgeries as a child, not to mention the death of his mother after an unsuccessful heart surgery - just couldn't leave him in the ER by himself. After the CT scan, the doctor says he needs to stay for antibiotics and to keep him from eating :D:D . Bob loves to eat, and eats anything he wants, regardless of what the doctors tell him he should do.

Mom had to stay home - Dad just sold his car, and ran out the door to get here while Mom was half-awake, so Mom had no car to drive. So my mother, who celebrated her 60th birthday, celebrated mostly alone. I feel very guilty about this.

Mom, on the other hand, is very glad that SHE is not the one in the hospital (especially since she was in the hospital for Thanksgiving and Christmas), and told me that she's ready to throw out the sadness over being "old", and is happy just to have more time. Fever is gone, and I think her energy is coming back.

Bob is okay. He'll be home tomorrow or Saturday, and then I'll have to battle him about what he should or shouldn't eat. And I'll see Mom soon - by Sunday at the latest.

And me? Just had a good, stiff drink and I'll head off to bed. I wanted to give my mom her present today. I want my husband home - and I know he'll hate being in the hospital even more. But Mom will get her gift, and get to kiss all 3 grandsons, and Bob will be home soon to be kissed and hugged by all. So I am content.

I read more than post lately, because the weather is great and Danny and JJ love to play outside where the computer will not go. I have a shorter time to read and post. And one thing that Mo-Sugar taught me is that you have to get the most from every day, no matter what. So we play and love and worry and pray as best as we know how.

Maybe the best idea I've heard since the LC journey started is, "Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful". Life had problems. But oh, how sweet life truly is.

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It sounds like, for one so young (I'm close to your mom's age!) that you've sure figured out how to keep putting one foot ahead of the other and finding things to enjoy and value in EACH and every day!!

Sometimes, it sorta feels like we're already on overload and then yet another wrench gets thrown into the works! I hope your hubby comes home soon, recovers quickly and cooperates with the Food Police~! :wink:

And I hope your mom has a wonderful, if belated, family birthday celebration! 60 is a wonderful milestone....and worthy of a month-long celebration....so just tell Mom you're gonna celebrate all the way into July.! :) Being in remission just makes all celebrations that much sweeter too....huh?

Holding good thoughts for all...and admiring your attitude!!

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Wow you had your hands full! And good for you to come out of that with a wonderful attitude. I bet you got it from your mom, I loved when she said she was glad it was not her in the hospital. Moms are the best, so unselfish and don't care if their b-days are recognized and stuff, they worry more about the kids!

Take care of yourself and continue being so strong!

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Well, Jen...since we are both in a "unique" marriage, let me be the unappropriate one to say that those darn "classic" models sure are tempermental! Seems like yours has emission problems, mine has chassis problems (two major back surgeries in his 30s-40s).. BUT, I would NEVER in a million years trade him in on a new, low-slung sporty model. He sure is comfy, just the way he is!

Glad to hear that the day smoothed out after a very rough afternoon and the way the 'availability' fell, it seems that you were meant to be in the ER with the big guy and the kids were fine with Grampa. I hope your mother took some time to herself while "stranded" at home to do all those things you just can't do with a man hanging over your shoulder - like alphabetizing the spice rack! :wink:

I find "less-than-perfect" to be wonderful. In the Garden of Life, weeds are just flowers you never thought to plant...

Enjoy what you have and count your blessings. It's amazing how quickly they begin to add up.



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