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happy birthday Andrea!


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Thanks :) It's a wierd day, lots to be grateful for and lots to be angry about. And not just angry for myself b/c right now I am so grateful, I am angry for others if that makes any sense :) But in any event, will enjoy the day and weekend.

We are on Atkins, so tonight we are getting beef ribs and watching movies. Tomorrow is hair and shopping with my mom :D So tomorrow will be the best day! :D She is our chia pet as we call her at the salon b/c her hair is growing in funny and fuzzy at certain places :P

I have an eccentric extended group of friends from my ex boyfriend and they always did a wierd b-day song since I met them about 4 years ago. They actually sang it in restaurants to each other and people stared. I used to be embarrassed. This year, I requested the lyrics and said whomever wrote it was insightful :) However, I was told if I take the song literally instead of tounge in cheek humorously I ruin it.

I started singing this around the apt this morning and Brian thought I was a bit loopy ;) It is sung with a very low somber voice:

Happy Birth-day

Happy Birth-day

Sin and sorrow everywhere

People dying everywhere

Happy Birth-day

Happy Birth-day

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