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Charlie's Test Results


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We saw the onc. this morning. The CT scans showed that the tumors have shrunk some more. :D He wants Charlie back on chemo. The break is over. Also though, he talked to the surgeon (previously did Charlie's biopsy) and wants him evaluated for possible surgery. He is now scheduled for a PET scan next Wed. and a consult with the surgeon on Thurs. May or may not be feasible. More waiting to find out. Also, they are looking at clincial trials to see what might be the best opportunity for him from a chemo standpoint. Thanks for all your support and prayers!


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More shrinkage is good!!!

Your signature doesn't elaborate the extent of Charlie's tumor, but from what you've said it sounds like one primary, shrinking a bunch. This is good!

Why is he staged at IV then?

Anyhow, I'm happy the surgeon is optimistic about getting the darned thing OUT as in BE GONE! BEAST!!




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Tina thanks for the great news on Charlie :D:D Now I am on the edge of my chair waiting to see how this coming weeks tests come out and what the surgeon says. Let us know as soon as you can. Donna G

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All right!! All right! That is really great news. Shrinkage is wonderful.

I have to share something with you that happened after my husband had whole brain radiation. Before he had the WBR, I asked the doctor what results we could expect. He said that sometimes they get as much as 70% shrinkage. My husband and I were thinking 70% or maybe the mets would just disappear completely. After the WBR and when we were at the appointment to get the 6-week scan results, the doctor cheefully told us there was about 30% shrinkage. I said THIRTY PERCENT!!!! And then I just broke out crying. It was the one and only time I've cried around my husband over this, other than one evening about 2 weeks after his diagnosis. I told him through my tears, "You said 70%. We thought he would get at least 70% or that they would be gone completely." He was so kind, touched me on both knees and said that he had said "sometimes" they get 70%, and went on to educate us as to how wonderful 30% shrinkage was, and also the fact that there was no new growth. He kept saying, "This is good news. This is really good news." Since then, of course, I found this board and have realized what good news it is to get SHRINKAGE!!!!

GO SHRINKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! I'll be praying for good results on next week's scans.

God bless you,


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