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Taxotere side effects? rash, sore, bloating?


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Jim took his last dose of Taxotere on June 7. A few days after that he got some swelling (water retention?) around his neck and shoulders, a random rash, and now a cyst on his chest has turned very red and tender. Has anyone else had such reactions to Taxotere? I am taking his temp often and we see the doctor Monday, just wondering. I worry about every change.

Thanks, Margaret

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Addition: June 7 Taxotere, Jun 14 Procrit, June 18 CT Scan, I suppose any of that could have some effect or it could be something new. Procrit website said it could cause edema. I am watching it closely and will check back here and come back and tell you whatever they tell us. I have learned a lot here and certainly want to share as well. Thank you for anwering so quickly.


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By the way, Margaret, has he had all these symptoms since a few days after June 7 and still has them now? Did the nurse who gave him the Procrit or the person who did the CT Scan say anything about any of this? Does the doctor already know the symptoms and feels it's safe to wait until Monday. I don't think you are over-reacting to every change, especially when it comes to edema, rash and an inflamed cyst. Is the cyst new? Does he feel sick? Has it always been there but is just now inflamed? A lot of questions, I know, but if the doctor doesn't know about these symptoms, I'm wondering if you shouldn't call him before Monday. Not trying to scare you, but even if they are side effects, they might need attention sooner than Monday.



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He had the swelling every time he had Taxotere from day 4 to about day 7. This time the swelling hasn't gone away. The rash has been all along but seems to be spreading. The sore is new. He has had the cyst since before DX and they just said don't worry about it. Just a couple of days ago it got inflamed and actually broken open. It looks a bit better this morning and has scabbed over. It kind of looks like a boil. No fever. Not feeling sick but a bit uncomfortable.

As to the other questions, no one including me thought much of it, we are all just thinking side effects until yesterday. I will watch, any worsening or fever we will seek immediate evaluation. I am this morning again thinking side effects.

You ask really great questions, you clearly know what you are doing. Thanks. I read some other posts of yours, I can really relate.

I think we are okay for now but I will jump up and down and holler to any and all, should the situation change before Monday. (I can holler really loud, too, and it catches people by surprise, hee, hee. Technique rarely used in my whole life but it sure does work.) I'll be back to share Monday night if not sooner.

Margaret in sunny Iowa, with the gardens abloom, the birds abundant, and the family a-lazin' on or about the porch.

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The edema and rash are probably a side effect of the Decadron. We got Spironolactone for water retention. The inflamed cyst was an inflamed infected cyst in spite of no fever, we have Keflex and bactroban cream for that. The Keflex should help with the rash as well. Watch and call them in a week with a report, call sooner if a problem.

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