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What was I thinking!


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I was silly enough to go off for a CT on Tuesday without all your prayers, and now they found something in my adrenal gland that they want to biospy next week.

Trying not to worry too much - I know they will be scrutinizing me for a long time (I hope!).

So.....I'll make SURE I post when I know when that biopsy is scheduled!



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Just said a prayer for you and will continue to keep you in my prayers. I do not go back to see the doctor until July the 9th, and have enjoyed the normalacy of just "everyday life." Last visit left me all upset, even though I felt really good. I almost don't want to know. I guess because the treatment makes me feel so sick. I will do whatever is necesarry to get well though. Small cell is so responsive to treatment, if that is what this is. I am crossing all my parts hoping it is nothing more than the technicians greasy fingers smeared on your scans from the chicken wings he ate at lunch!

Keep us posted,


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Sandy -

I doubt you went off for your appointment without our prayers, even though you forgot to ask for them.

This site has grown so large that in order not to miss anybody, I'm in the routine of making my last thought before sleep an all-encompassing prayer for the well-being of everyone on the board. I bet others do this too.

But I'm adding extra prayers for you right now for good results.

Crossing body parts, too.


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Sandy S.,

Lots of people have things on their adrenal gland that turn out to be benign--may that be the case with you and I hope that your docs are doing the 'let's check it out to be sure' thing with you.....All my thoughts for good news on Tuesday.....

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