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One year for me too.......


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Hi friends,

Well, on the 20th, it will be one year since my lobectomy. It sure does feel good to be a survivor--seems like the past 12 months have passed with lightning speed in some respects, and in other ways, that day a year ago seems unbelievably far away.

Either way, I've learned a lot in the past year, much of it thanks to you folks--the info gained from all of you is incredible. What would we have done without the internet when faced with this type of medical crisis?

I also find it a little creepy that I now know when the American Society of Clinical Oncologists is having a conference, but I guess that's my new normal.....

I felt a lot more celebratory on my first year of not smoking, which now is one year and one month, but I am also glad that this June 20th I will not be waking up in intensive care feeling like my left side is on fire and I've been run over by all the trucks on the Dan Ryan Expressway. No x-ray tech will be coming in my room at 4 am telling me it's time to roll over so they can get a chest x-ray. Roll over--don't they know I'm in tremendous pain just laying still????? Ugh.

I've travelled for my work--the first trip 2 1/2 weeks out of surgery--that was pushing it--but I've also been to Colorado Springs (that was during chemo) and Pasadena, CA (no treatment going on at all!!!!!). My husband and I plan to take a short trip for pleasure in a couple of weeks--probably to Door County Wisconsin.

Guess what I'm trying to say is that life is good, and I'm one grateful survivor. I wish you all the same good fortune and am setting my sights on year 2.


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Congratulations Cindy. So wonderful to hear of another "rebirthday" - Debi's new word. My hospital roommate (she's 84 yrs young) and I plan to celebrate our "rebirthday" next month on the 23rd.

I agree with you about all the wonderful people on this website - not only for the info but for the shoulder to cry on, to laugh with (& at :P ) for listening and caring and welcoming.

Congratulations Again!!


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Congratulations on your one year out of surgery...enjoy your day Cindy!

I am sorry that we are all here but I am glad that none of us have to go down this road alone...

Here's to surviving, and sticking around to tell about it...

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One year seems like a long time but is just a blink when things are going upwards. Congratulations Cindy, you made the first hurdle and I wish you all the best for many more.

By the way, rebirthday is such a wonderul term for what we are doing. :)


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Thanks everybody for acknowledging my 'rebirthday'. As you all know, that day, whatever it is for you, is monumentous....and will live in infamy in all of us as the day that changed our lives. But, when that day has passed and we've done what we can, we need to look forward to a future. I think that's where I get stuck sometimes. That's what cancer has robbed me of--my confidence in a future--and it makes me really angry.

But, I am grateful to be alive to tell my story. I hope to have a lot of upcoming stories in my life and look forward to sharing them all with you great people.

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