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Things not looking so good....


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Dad is back in the hospital. (the 3rd time since being diagnosed in Jan.) This time, he was having trouble breathing and walking.

They now have him on 100% oxygen. The next step is a respirator. He's also had some leg pain. The Dr.'s think that it's a clot. He's already in Coumadin for his last clot.

He began having real trouble breathing last week whe the onc started to ween him off of the steroid. So they put him back on...which helped for a couple of days. He was even able to go for his scheduled chemo. The only GOOD NEWS was that his primary tumor shrunk considerably and the small nodes in his right lung were stable. Stable = good.

So the bottom line is that no one doctor can come to complete agreement on what's wrong. The oncologist thinks it's an infection, not the cancer. The vascular surgeon thinks it's a clot. The pulmonary (who hasn't seen the latest CAT scan) doc thinks that the cancer has spread. The resident thinks that the lungs are too damaged from the cancer and are failing.

We don't know what to believe. Although I would put my stake on the oncologist's assessment.

The worst part is watching dad suffer and struggle to breathe. I'm scared. I don't know how much fight he has left.

Sorry for rambling.....



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Don't be sorry at all, please ramble as much as you need. How is your father doing now?

I recommend a pow wow with all the Dr.s Say LOOK WHATS THE SCOOP? I know its easier said than done, but man...too many diagnosis. I would go with what the onc says, because they KNOW what they are doing when it comes to cancer.


Rana Hugs are coming your way!!!

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