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Do any of you use asthma inhalers to control symptoms?


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Yes, Jeannie, I have an inhaler, and a preventative inhaler of corticosteroid powder "advair", my inhaler is "combivent" plus I take "singular" daily. These are designed to be the proactive treatments to prevent restrictive airway episodes. I don'tneed them now as much as I did the first couple years, but on occasion with a good cold I'll use the inhaler, and I do still take the singular (pill form).



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I have albutral with flovent as the rescue inhaler. Much of mine is allergy and weather triggered, so I am using allegra daily.

I did not use these prior to surgery, but my pulminary doctor said to consider myself asthmatic with the symptons I get.


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After my radiation/chemo treatment, I developed a pretty severe cough/wheezing, which was triggered every time I took a deep breath! I was given prednizone (steroid) along with an Advair discus inhailer for about 3 months. Worked like a charm and both were discontinued. I still have the cough from time to time, but usually only when exerting myself, mostly when exercising too hard. My pulminologist has suggested that I might have "activity induced asthma".....my radiation oncologist says it's radiation fibrosis (scar tissue in my lungs from radiation). Either way, it seems to be perminent, but it's not too bothersome so I prefer to not take medication for it.

I'm not sure from your signature if you have started radiation or not at this point, but if you have, I believe the cough would be a common side effect. I wish you luck and hope you get the wheezing/coughing under control quickly!

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