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Feeling ill from cancer?


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My treatments have not started yet, they start Tuesday. It has been an emotional roller coaster month. I however, do not fell well. Weak, tired, spaced out, wheezing. I know there is an endocrine type response some people can have to thier tumor ie, night sweats, flushing, weakness. No way to confirm this, but was told it happens.

Were any of you feeling "ill" before treatment started besides the emotional stuff? Did treatments help w/ this?



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I think the emotional stuff can cause physical symptoms. That old term--'sick with worry'--that's what happens to me.

Please talk to your oncology people about this--especially the nurses--there are things that can help, but for me, it was getting treatment under way.

The other thing was getting counseling--and anti-anxiety and anti-depressants. Doesn't have to be for a lifetime--I'm not currently taking anything--but it did get me through some bad days and weeks and months. I know I can always go back on them, but for now, diet and exercise and enough rest is doing just fine for me.

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Hey Jen!

Feeling bad is how we caught my husband's cancer. Thought is was pneumonia, so did his doctor, at first. Tired, loss of appetite, general malaise. Wish it had been pneumonia. After the first round of chemo, and a few days, like 3, my husband suddenly felt great! All previous symtoms went away. Hope it works the same for you. Good luck!


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Once you've started treatments, I think you'll tolerate feeling

"poorly" much better, as it's for a good cause/being dealt with.

Sure, and this is serious illness. Be odd if you felt wonderful!.

Hang in there, and be brave.

Holler if you need help....

(Imagine the angels perched on the back of your chair, guarding...).

Good luck tomorrow.



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Hi Jen,

Hope all goes well for you today. As I had mentioned to you when we spoke, I felt so much better when I started treatment. I actually had allot of energy at first until the end of chemo when I also did RAD. I think it's because your moving forward when you start treatment & it's a positive move to break the BEAST! So go get him!

Close your eyes, take some deep breath & picture yourself in a calm place. You will feel better once the ball is rolling.

I can't remember who said this in one of their posts ,but, I sometimes forget to remember I have cancer. Hard to believe!


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Hope all goes well today. When I was first dx'd, I was wheezing and short of breath. In fact, I went to the ER requesting an Xray thinking I had bronchitis or pneumonia...that's how they caught it. I had also been having some right chest pain with seemed to go right thru to my back. Once I started chemo....all those symptoms disappeared!!! I felt wonderful!! Except for a little nausea and fatigue from the Chemo, I was feeling better than I had for the past month or so!!

Hope to hear from you......best of luck!!!! Mary :)

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Dear Jen,

I'm going to go out on a limb here and mention that I think some of what your feeling is anxiety from all your having to deal with and take in at this time. (not uncommon) Having an anxiety attack can really do a number on us. I am trying to keep track of all your messages on the board and all the questions you are asking. Might I ask that maybe you try and put them all into one the best you can. It has to be hard for you to follow all your messages and I am sure it is for other folks as well. And we want to help you the best we can. I know you will have questions from time to time, and that's just fine. I'm just trying to make life easy for you and all of us. :wink:

You mentioned liver in one of your posts. I can share with you that I have friends that have had SCLC that has spread to the liver and the chemo has done the trick on taking care of those that have mets to the liver. Chemo works VERY WELL on SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER. They are LONG TERM survivors.

Plesae talk to your doctor about your fears. My dear they are very real and your doctor needs to know just HOW YOU FEEL. Write them down so you don't forget to mention them. Write down all your questions as well. Your paying your doctor a LOT of money for what he/she is doing, and they can't help if they don't know.

Please know your in my prayers and I hope that your chemo went well for you today. I know your scared and I HONESTLY UNDERSTAND! I was scared too! You'll do just fine my dear, and we will do our best to help you along. Stay STRONG and STAY POSITIVE and don't get to far ahead of the game just yet! Take a deep breath and know we are all here for you.

God Bless and Good Luck.

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