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1 month has gone by since DX should I be re-scanned for mets


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I had to be biopsied twice, first one was inconclusive, then I had a couple second and third opinions-took 3 weeks to get it all together. I start chemo this Tuesday. I was considered limited w/ one primary and hilar involvemenet same side 2 weeks ago. Brain, pelvis and lumbar spine MRI's clear. My Docs said no need to re-scan to see if the last month has allowed for mets. I am worried it it growing out of control etc...I also feel worse physicially than I did w/ increased asthma and coughing, tirednmess and general weakness.

Any thoughts on this?



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Jen - I am by no means an expert. But, I think your Onc is right. One month is not a long time and you are receiving treatment now. I know you are anxcious, that is normal. Try to relax a bit and I think it is important that you gain more confidence in your Onc. if for some reason you feel he is not doing an adequate job, then by all means get a second opinion. I was very leary of my Dads Onc in the beginnning, kept asking all kinds of questions, kept thinking he was not being aggressive enough (Dad was diagnosed in January 2001 and didn't start Chemo until March) but since then he has proved to be an AMAZING doctor who has kept Daddy stable for 3 1/2 years. I will be praying that you see great results from your Chemo treatments. Sharon

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I had the same worries. I was dx'd on 5/10 and didn't start chemo until 5/28 because of all the tests. The last one was the abdominal scan and they found three cysts...one of which was on an ovary....so THEN they were concerned about another primary cancer and I had to wait nearly a week for an ultrasound to make sure it wasn't a malignancy on my ovary!!

And yes, my anxiety grew and I coughed more and wasn't sleeping and was tuned to every little symptom as indicative that the cancer was growing out of control. :(

Once I started the chemo, I felt MUCH better because then I was DOING SOMETHING to fight this nasty disease! When I'd ask the doctor or nurses about noticing symptoms I hadn't noticed before....invariably they would say that once you know you have cancer, your antennae is up....and you're much more aware of every little sign or symptom and it's sort of a reactionary thing.

Express your concerns to the doctor and nurses...but try to accept that once you start the chemo ...you are actively engaging in fighting this thing. I start cycle two of chemo tomorrow. This past week...sometimes I've noticed an odd sensation in my chest....or some tingling in my hands....and I just tell myself, "Oh good....the chemo is still working. I can feel it attacking those nasty cancer cells and causing a strange sensation!"

The past couple of weeks, I've felt better, had a better appetite and only occasionally do I take a Tylenol PM to help me sleep. I don't even need anything stronger....but I know that getting proper rest is really important.

Sending you some calming vibes, Jen. A lot of this is "fear of the unknown". I start radiation on Thursday and because THAT is new...I am feeling a tad anxious....but trying not to because I'm sure once it gets going, I'll be fine. Once we know what to anticipate....the anxiety eases.

Deep breaths. You'll be fine. Ask your questions too...as that will help.

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I agree with Addie, I think you'll feel much better once you're actually

doing something to combat the beast. I had unexpected colonostomy after diagnosis prior to chemo that took a detour of about a month, and as near as I can figure, nothing really changed in that time.

Good luck with your chemo. Call if you need to.



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