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RFA was on Good Morning America!!!!

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They did a whole thing on how it helps MANY cancer patients and how it is becoming increasingly popular. Made me a bit mad though cause this procedure was such a huge issue in my family and with the dr's. to quote my dad's doctor, "he's not there yet, that would be my alternative if radiation didn't work....ummm, yeah call me crazy but i don't think it worked buddy. anyway, :twisted: anger aside, i am very happy it was on the show and ANYONE who may be a candidate for it PLEASE push for info on it and treatment if you can!


there is the link! :D

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I missed the Good Morning America show this morning but Friday I spoke with Dr. Cohn in Florida yesterday on my husband's behalf, he is one of the very few specialists doing RFA. Unfortunately my husband is not a candidate as there are too many nodules into both lungs. I must tell you he took such time with me explaining everything and will follow up with me in two weeks in hopes that the Gemzar will reduce the many tumors. He ws so encouraging and kind it was incredible. I only wished I had found him a month ago, it may have made a diffrence. I encourage anyone thinking of RFA to call his office. You can email me and I will give you all the details. Still hoping for the miracle cure!!!

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