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test trauma


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Being early stage and several years out means most of the time life is good. When I started this journey, i was a wreck the week before and the week after test and doctor time. Now I can get it down to a day or two, but with fleeting moments of panic in between.

Saw the surgeon today for my yearly, and decided it was an ativan day. 2 sisters came with me--"my entourage" as I call them. I had been very angry with the surgeon for a while until one day I realized he saved my life. But the trauma of the visit was still alive and well. How many times can I go and still get a good report?

Even with the ativan, my blood pressure was 140/80. It is usually a consistent 110/80. My pulse rate was 113. But the good news is


All is well and he will see me in a year!!!!!

So life is good but I am exhausted.


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Yeah, Gail! One year till next anxiety--I could go for that. I'm still on the every three months plan, and, I'll tell you, I almost don't get my breath from the last visit till it's time to worry about the next one.

My good thing though is that I get the results immediately--so at least there's no time to read the looks on the x-ray tech's faces and decide that they know something they're not saying.

My blood pressure goes sky high for the surgeon too--and it's perfect all the rest of the time.

I'm glad your results were good and your sisters and the ativan were there to help. Whatever it takes.........

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How great to hear that everything went good for you...

Am glad I am not the only one who's blood pressure hits the roof. Every 3 months when I go to the Oncologist my BP is 150 plus over 90 something. They always ask me if I have high blood pressure and I tell them, only here.

Congratulations again and go shop or get a massage or do something good... :lol:

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Hey Gail;

Congrats to ya on the results; OUTSTANDIND!!!!! :):):)

I do know what ya mean about the anxiety, seems I'm going though it weekly these days.

anyway congrats again.

God Bless and be well


left pneumonectomy 5/2/01, brain mets, 12/18/03, WBR, 2/04

chemo- 5/1 for mediastinum tumor - can't eat or drink anymore- that sucks!

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today"

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