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Missing Makwa 04


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Has anyone heard from Makwa 04 who had just been posting here for a little bit?

He pretty much posted every day up until last Sunday, June 13th and then nothing... I am worried about him being away this long...

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Guest makwa_04

bad last two weeks?

On chemo now once a week for two meds....

not everything adjusted i guess

Having extreme problems with stomach acid build up

and not being able to eat.

changing meds on that to almost daily

wake up stomach full of ucky acid that i throw up almost at onece..

they ok for a while till fill back up again...... naturally sotmack full

so not wanting food. And if i can eat something small It comes bacl later

he put me on a over the counter percocin? yeaterday to stop stomach acid build up, says three days till takes full affect

meanwhile......3-4 glasses of milk a day is about it for me

till tonight got a 1/2 cup of boost down.... later it wiill come back up I kanow

as stomach is full

was so wore out yeaterday for chemo had to take wheel chir up tpo his office

I just could not walk across the lots and up the elevators... after a 65 mile drive there

constipated?? dont know have no food to come out... although still taking senicon s everyday

pain has went down some since chemo.... but still must rely on meds for most part.

got a phone line put in here for regular phone calls, As i will have to stay here till treatment and what ever is completed.

Im just not in a general good spirits mood i guess

the chemo takes three hours, so far she says my blood count is excellent

what ever that means..

heck they might be putting just water into me for all id know


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Hi Makwa, I see you found this thread where we were hunting you down. Isn't it great to have friends that care about you? I'm sorry you are still having stomach troubles. What are the names of the chemo drugs you are getting?

You said something about "staying here". Where is here? Did someone help you to get to a facility or someplace closer to your doctors so you could get treatment?

Don't stay away so long, Makwa. We are a bunch of worry warts here.

God bless you,


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Makwa,Hi, glad to hear from you.Sory your not feeling well.After I was on chemo a couple weeks I could almost predict when I would have good day and bad days.The good news is that after completion of chemo you'll keep feeling better and better.Hang in there & keep fighting.

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