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Analogy on Caregiving

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"Think of caregiving as a marathon, not a sprint. Marathoners get through a race by pacing themselves."

I think this is a great analogy for primary caregiving. This quote is from an article by Jon Caswell, "The Job No One Asks For", summer 2004, Heartbeat, the National Magazine of the Mended Hearts. Mended Hearts is an organization for info and support of heart surgery patients and their loves ones.

Other notable ideas from the article on primary caregiving:

1. The first law of successful caregiving is "don't neglect yourself". Don't deprive yourself of necessities, which include sleep, exercise, proper medication and some personal quiet time. (I have read from another source that caregiving is like the heart -- it feeds itself with blood before it feeds the entire body, so it can perform its function properly and well.)

2. To fortify yourself emotionally, it is important to find or develop sources of emotional support.

3. The job is simply too big for one person, so relying on others is crucial.

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