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Message from Fay A.

Connie B

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Good Morning to All,

I just wanted to share a little message I received from our dear friend Fay A. She asked that I share this with all.

Fay wrote:

I've reached the point where I am giving away the things that I want others to have, and trying not to accumulate anything else. If you would let others know this for me I would appreciate it very much, Connie. Just in case the subject comes up. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, or make them feel that their gestures are not appreciated. But it's time to put aside 'eathly things'.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We all Love and care about our Fay A and having said this, I hope you will all say and extra prayer for our friend and know she is going to be with us for many years to come.

We love you Fay.

Much Love, Support, and Hugs,

Connie B.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


Put aside those earthly things --- in storage. You can come back to them later.

Please know that I am very concerned about you. You have always been especially kind and helpful to me and others. I count you as a special friend even though I've been too rattled to email lately. Please come back to the board. Don't jump our ship. You're one of the first mates and you wouldn't want it to run aground.


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Prayers. good vibes and best wishes.

To give away things do not put and end to life,

as I would be dead a long time ago, but it is a

way to take care of ourselves after, less to dictract

us from life and enjoying every moment.

Good luck.


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Added Message from Fay A.

Just heard from her again, and she has not be able to sign on the board for some reason today. But, she is doing better today!

She will return as soon as she can get on the board. She really misses everyone!

Love to All,

Connie B.

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Hey Fay

Just sending lots of "warm fuzzies" (an elementary school phrase) out to the coast. Giving some things away now is not a bad thing. My grandmother did that years before she ever passed on. This way she knew who got what. I already have some of my jewelry earmarked for nieces, 'cause I only have one son, and who know who he will marry !!!1 :lol::lol:

May today be a good day, 'cause that's all we got. As I said to my husband, who was worrying about the future, "You could be hit by a truck tomorrow"



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Fay....long before my dx, there are a couple of special things I'd already given away so that I could watch them being enjoyed by the person who received them! If I wait till I'm gone someday....then I'll miss seeing that enjoyment, won't I? :wink:

So....a little simplification is a good thing now, as it also allows us to watch others use and enjoy some things that we once used and enjoyed.

I DO understand your not being able to log on!! I've been shut out most of the last 4 days and am SO happy to be back now!

Hope you're back on soon too. We miss you!!

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Dear Fay,

I always look for your posts but have to say I havent in the recent past as I havent been here much myself. I love You and I think what your doing is wonderful as was said before because you can see them enjoyed now. You, Girl arent going anywhere!!! We would be lost without you!!!

You are in prayers always.

God Bless You,


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Thank you...What happened to me was I had a few too many CT and PET scans with IV contrast dye in too short a period of time. The dye is toxic to the kidneys for everyone, but I also have genetic kidney liver and pancreas disease. Monday's CT scan with contrast hit me too hard, and I was pretty sick. Add to that high dose steroids because I'm allergic to the darn dye to begin with and you have the recipe for some degree of kidney, liver, and pancreatic failure. (I had a killer headache and a little uremic frosting). Bottom line is today I am mostly okay, just very, very tired. And I hope the docs got what they needed from the scans on Monday because I'm not having another one for a while.

It's a bit frustrating that just 10 days before Monday's scans I had a CT/PET Fusion that showed the recurrence and new mets in great detail, but the Radiation Oncologist could not use those scans for his radiation mapping because UCLA Medical Center DID NOT INCLUDE THE READER ON THE DISC they gave me. I have this very detailed study and no one can use the information! It's why I had to have the new CT done on Monday the 21st. That's a big Arrrrrgh! Time to write to the consumer police about the proprietary nature of University Medical Centers...

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Monday night I kept thinking how ironic it would be if I died of Polycystic Kidney Failure brought about by too much IVP dye. :roll:

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Fay....sounds to me like you also gave up your tolerance for University Medical Center inefficiencies, too...eh? :wink:

Glad you figured out what precipitated the emotional stuff. It's not fun sometimes. I got a little wonky myself on Monday night after day one of chemo...and went from bi*chy to weepy in 6 seconds flat, and then back again.

But WORSE, with the residual effect still there on Tuesday, I sorta criticized my youngest's girlfriend for not yet having acknowledged my cancer. They live in the midwest...and she's not even sent a card...which I thought was pretty tacky...but it was my intent to keep my big yap shut regardless. Nobody told me steroids make for loose lips! :roll:

Anyway....despite my big mouth I have to say I'm happy I didn't send her half my jewelry in some weird steroid rush. THAT, I'd REALLY regret! :wink:

Hope you're feeling better. Hope I gave you a chuckle or two (at my own expense :oops: ) to help you along that path! :) Glad you're back on line too!!

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Fay, I was so happy to see your post after reading the first bunch on this chain. You are one of my fav's and have been so encouraging the entire time I have been here. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that tomorrow is even better for you. It sounds like you have been through the ringer lately with the scans. I don't blame you for not wanting another one soon. Glad you are a little better today and will be looking, as usual, for your wonderful posts in the future.


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