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Please Say a Prayer for Us

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Welp guys -- that ole fear factor is trying to creep back into my life again.... this time it's because after three weeks of radiation [and seeing the last CT scan in April and the fact that while screwing with this neuropathy stuff, and blood transfusions and, and, and, his primary tumor in the chest has doubled!~] and having come back from chemo today, they said we have to wait yet again, I'm like "alright now -- I'm tired of this waiting game guys".........

Today his hemoglobin was raised from 7.2 to 8.4 [yeahhhh~]; however his platelets were almost non-existent; and his white blood cells [geeze, I think that's what they said] were at one thousand and something. I wondered why my poor husband was asleep even when he was awake! [smile]. Poor thing. I mean to tell you, he would sleep 24/7 literally.

Next week we go back to the doctors and pray again for a better count. But I hate this waiting while this cancer grows..... His stomach is distended from his liver; and sore at times but ya know I guess everything single thing is so relative.....

The only good thing is that he's retiring at the end of the month, thank God, and quite frankly, I don't know if he'll see much more of the office -- he can't stay awake! And when he can, he can barely walk he is so so weak!

And then [this is my last gripe ya'll, I'm sorry]; on top of all of that, the radiation sucked the good brain cells too; so that he's "half-here" if you know what I mean, everything comes to him much slower now..... I never ever could have believed that life could look and feel so totally different in a little 24-hour period of time. This disease just HAS to be the single-most insidious and nasty disease there is. And while I'm scared, youbetcha, at the same time I am so so grateful that he is alive and that I am his caretaker. There is nothing else short of waiting on my daughter when SHE comes home from camp, that I love more than this. Just to "be" here for him, and her, to be needed, to be helpful, and to give my love without expectations -- something so very novel for me ladies..... I am still grateful. Just scared.....

Thanks for listening and for everyone here that is such a loving part and support of this terrific forum. What would we do, otherwise????

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I'm sorry you are having such a hard time of it! Of course you and hubby have been and will continue to be in my prayers. I hope the counts go up so you can resume the chemo soon! Let me know if I can be of any help my friend.



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Adding my prayers for increased #'s so chemo can resume.

I have to ask...has Neulasta ever been mentioned? It's a shot given after a chemo cycle (or will be for me, tomorrow, for the first time) that, as I understand it, helps boost the white cells faster when the #'s do start to increase.

Only one shot has to be given each cycle, as opposed to Neupogen which I understand is given more frequently.

This is all fairly new to me...as today just ended my second cycle of chemo...but ask your hubby's onc about Neulasta! It might be something that could help.

Meanwhile, I'll be keeping you both in my prayers hoping for some increased numbers and energy for your husband, and for the chemo to go to work on that primary tumor. Sending strength vibes as well....

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The waiting it out has to be the worse, we just went through that for 2 weeks, his Platelets, and reds, were so bad they couldn't do it, and then the dog scratched him and they wouldn't do it. Now he said he can feel the tumor in the thyroid has gotten a lot bigger, I keep telling him it is his imagination.

Try some baby beef calf liver and iron pills, I had heard before that iron feeds a tumor, like sugar, so I never let him take anything with iron, well the Dr's told me it is all not true including the sugar(the body will make it's own sugar suppy) So we have been loading up on iron and liver. Also the new Dr. just ordered his arensnep? shots once a week instead of every three weeks as we were doing with the last line of treatment.

I try to look at it this way (waitng means more cancer cells out to kill)


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