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Connie B

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Hi To All Again,

I just wanted to let you know regarding the Site Problems that if you have or are trying to reach Katie and Rick Via PM's, many of these messages are NOT getting through to them due to the Site Problems. They are NOT ignoring you, rather they are just not getting all the messages. I also will add that they have recieved hunderds of messages regarding this problem and they may not have the time to reply to all. So please don't take this personal. It's out of our hands.

We hope to see the board up and running 100% within the next day or so.

Please know that Katie and Rick are doing there very best to get this problem under control. They are frustrated too, being it's out of there control.

Thank you ALL for your understanding and support in this matter.

Lets just say a prayer this will all be fixed real soon.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions. My email address is:

morcon@mouseplay.com Please put LCSC in the Subject line so I know to get back to you ASAP.

Thank you.

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Thank you for being back up support for Rick and Katie, that is really considerate of you.

Rick and Katie,

Thank you for all that you do. I really appreciate all that you do for us here on this site. I am sorry to hear that you received some ugly e-mails. You do not deserve to be treated so unkind. This site is such a lifeline support to the majority of us members. We are all adult, mature and caring people here on this site. Please think before writing something that may be hurtful to another person. We are all victims of this disease in one way or another and don't need to cause any more pain in our hearts. Praying for all of us along with consideration and respect...

God Bless us all

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Connie, After running several websites including government ones, I've learned that the webmaster (or people like Kate and Rick) often have no control over whether the site is up or down. It can be something having to do with phone lines, their service provider's software or hardware, etc.

I did learn that most people think webmaster does have control. Not so. I hope this problem didn't cause any hardship for them.


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Dear Cat and Karen,

Thank you for your understanding and patience during our ordeal.

Cat, that is good that you looked that up, and I hope everyone comes here and reads it. Very good leg work my friend! Thank you!

Karen, your words of kindness and support have said it all. I too am so grateful that we have our Katie and Rick to offer this website to all of us.

And I would like to add that it was a very short time ago that our Katie lost her dear and wonderful father to this monster of a disease and I hope people will TRY and keep that in mind that this girl is still greiving her father's loss.

God Bless us All. And thank you again.

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