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Lets be nice

David A

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HI everyone, I got an email from Katie Brown and Gail, it said that Katie and Rick have been getting hate mail because the site has been having problems. I for one believe that they do not deserve this or need this. This is one of the most reliable sites I have ever visited on the net and also easy to navigate. I for one am forever grateful for what Katie and Rick do and have done for our lung cancer family, I would be lost without this site and the wonderful people here. Lets give Katie and Rick a great big HURRAH, for all they do. David A

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Daivd A, I'm with you my dear. This situation is one of those things that is NOT under Katie and Rick's control. It's very very unfortunate, but they HONESTLY are screaming at the Host Company to get this matter fixed.

As for the Hate Mail they are receiving, this is true! Sad, but True!

My question would be this: Where would we be without Katie and Rick and this Board? They have been Angel's sent to ALL of us to do such wonderful good deads. GOD BLESS them for doing all they DO!

Again, I ask for your patience in this unfortunate matter. And I thank you ALL Sincerely for your kindness and understanding.

God Bless and Lets hope this is cleared up soon.

Thank YOU David for your wonderful support. :) We're all going to get through this together.

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Absolutely agree Dave;

:):):):) ; Just no need for that type of thing!!!

God bless and be well


left pneumonectomy 5/2/01, brain mets, 12/18/03, WBR, 2/04

chemo- 5/1 for mediastinum tumor

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today"

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Well how about we refund those who send hate mail their money and have them go on their way. Oh wait :shock: Katie and Rick do not even charge for their website when I think they should b/c this is such a valuable service. We are LUCKY to have this website! It should be like how JDATE was when I was first on it--free to browse; pay a small fee to post.

Oy that makes me so mad why people would send hate mail! Ok, my next thought is to block the IPs so they can't come back :):) Who needs them! :)

Ah yes, I am in such a kind mood, can't you tell ;)

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Of all the people in the world who we should NOT be taking frustrations out on (not that it's ever a nice thing to do) , we should NOT be upset with Katie and Rick.

Those of you who wrote nastygrams ( and yes, you know who you are!!)

should be getting off your sorry butts immediately if not sooner and write Katie and Rick an apology or three.

Geez. Cancer is no excuse for that.

I'm horrified, and ashamed ....


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I have been lost these last 2 days without all of my cyber friends. After the bad news we got this morning, if you had not been here for me, I would be distraut.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Katie and Rick. This site is a true blessing. It is impossible for me to understand how anyone can blame you for techical glitches. May many more of us thank you immensely.


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I have been thinking about this for 2 days--here goes

When I was first diagnosed in 93 I felt very much alone. No one was out there, except for a very few. I did not go to the ACS support group becuase I was told it was very depressing--old people--remember I was 37-- who talked about their reoccurrences. I did go to another support group and there were 2 people there.

In 97, with the second diagnosis, there was a support goup of women available. However, the minute I walked into the room, I knew it wasn't a fit. I was the only woman there -and it was full- who was in a hat and not a wig. Now I don't know about anybody else, but I hated my wig with a passion and took it off every chance I got. If we could not go wigless in that room, where was it safe?

We didn't discuss feelings there either. Maybe it was too scarey. We discussed diet, treatments, and I left there feeling that if I didn't eat broccoli sprouts every day I was doing a disservice.

This place is the one place where I can come to happy, scared or sad. Someone is always there for support. What Katie and Rick are doing is amazing--they could have packed their bags and left when their dear Jesse left this earth.

It makes my blood run cold to think that people can be hostile. We all understand the stress of the disease, for sure. But we cannot bite the hand that feeds us.

Did I say that right? I always get those lines mixed up.

Thanks Katie and Rick


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Dear, dear Katie and Rick,

I can't imagine someone sending you a nasty letter about something you can't do anything about. This site has been a Godsend to me. I love it, need, feel lost without it and just plain miss you all if I can't find you for a few hours each day. Again Katie and Rick, thank you sooo much for your efforts to keep us all together. I did write to ask if the problem was on my end or if the site was down....hope that wasn't taken as an insult....I just wanted to "see" everyone and did not intend to complain.


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Rick - Katie,

I agree with the others. Those that sent you hate mail should be ashamed. You do a fantastic job. Thanks for all you love and effort.

I was off from late Sat until Monday. I was off again until just now. I missed CHAT :cry::cry::cry: .

I did send you mail but it was returned cause the site was down. I sent another mail last night and it went through ( I think). I could not figure if the problem was on my end or what since others were logging on and posting.

I did not include any HATE and hope you didn't think so. If I did I am sorry. Again THANKS

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I also recieved the E mail and just couldnt believe anyone I have met here would write them and complain in any way. I could understand someone e mailing and asking what was happening but thats all and I think they made us well aware of that!! God Bless you Katie and Rick,


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If I've said it once, I've said it a million (well, maybe not a million--yet) times--this board and it's kind people saved me from a nervous breakdown probably more than once in the last year.

How dare anyone climb all over Katie and Rick because of a glitch! That's just uncalled for...I appreciate you guys...


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