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This was mentioned by Peg a while ago. Though her husband is on Iressa and seems to be doing well :D

I have read before that "whey protein" may reduce glutathione in cancer cells and make them more sensitive to chemo.

Novel Glutathione Leads To Longer Remission In Ovarian Cancer

Previously treated ovarian cancer patients, who have failed after first line drugs such as taxol and platins, represebnt a difficult type of patient to successfully treat. Conventional agents such as topotecan and liposomal doxorubicin are attended with median survival rates of 35-40 weeks in this second line chemotherapy situation. In a recently reported trial from the USA, a new drug TLK286 (Telik Inc. San Francisco) a glutsathione (activated in cancer cells by glutathionbe S transferase) achieved a 56 week median survival in this situation - a result that is crying out for repeating by others and a spark for further research in hihs field.

6 May 2003

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