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^Months and Still Counting


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I now have six months straight of stable scans. It has also been 6 months since I have been on any kind of treatment. I have been treatment free since the middle of January 2004. Next scan and oncology appointment is July 21. Fingers, toes, eyes, and everything else is crossed for making it 7 months.

I feel great, have been golfing and am getting ready for the Lung Cancer Golf Outing July 16, with funds raised going to the U of Wisc Comprehensive Cancer Center for Lung Cancer Research. We raised $6000 last year and the goal is to double that this year.

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Only one thing to say, Dave......"FORE!!!!!!"

Go on out there and make some birdies. This report has surely earned that, eh?

Congrats....and I hope you just keep on going with these good reports, knocking more and more strokes off your handicap!

I finally got in 9 holes the other day after not playing for 10 months! Not exactly a stellar round...but then my hubby put the wrong irons in my bag so I never knew where my iron shots were going (don't like the offset heads!)

Hope to be back out there eventually myself, on a more regular basis! You will be my golfing inspiration...ok? :D

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Great news Dave. Now we had better start praying for good weather. First we had tons of rain, then cold, last night bad storm. Summer would be a welcome change. Donna G

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I have been off all treatment since January, when I had a side effect to the trial drug ZD6474. AstraZeneca has requested that I remain being followed every 6 weeks with scans and oncology appointment. I just have adenocarcinoma w/o BAC. I am Stage IV because of systemic mets to my lymphatic system discovered in April 2003. Also, after successful treatment, ending on September 2, 2003, with a scan the end of September which showed shrinkage, stabilization, and disappearence of the lymphatic tumors. I was scanned again the middle of November 2003 in which they found that I developed a tumor in my liver. That was when I was entered into the ZD6474 vs Iressa study. When the side effects set in, and the side effects did not clear up, I was informed that I was on ZD6474. Because of the side effects continuing I was terminated from the study. The drug, however, apparantly worked the liver tumor has remained stable since January.

Stable is GOOD!!!!!!!

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Dave - I was wondering how you were? Sounds like things are going great... I wish I could talk Daddy into going back on the course... He refuses to golf anymore "because he is not as good as he use to be". I just went out and bought one of those nets for my backyard so he can practice hitting into it....

Enjoy your "stability" and your golf!!! Again, it was great to hear from you. Sharon

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