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Does anyone have a liver met and is still doing well?


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Others will have more personal experience- but let me tell you alittle about my dad.

He was diagnosed with two pretty large liver mets.

HIs chemo treatments kept the mets stable. They never grew and they shrunk twice. And they NEVER gave him any problems.

The liver regenerates itself, so if chemo or radiation or RFA can get rid of the tumors, the liver will heal itself.

I know that it must be scary to be diagnosed with liver mets, and the information on the web about liver mets (liver cancer mostly) is not encouraging...but it is managable. IT is doable, and it can be beaten.

There ARE folks here who have had or have liver mets and they are doing well.

Hang in there and know that prayers are being said for you.

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Jen my wife had a 3.5cm tumor april 16th and it had met to liver...... june 11th she had her ct. and on the 17th of june she met with her onocologist who was very surprised at what the ct showed.Her liver was clear and her tumor was down so small on her lung's that the radiologist had to show the doc so he could regonize it....Jen this was after just 3 round's of cisplatin/vp16 for 3 day's every 21 day's.....We thank GOD for hearing all the prayer's and with a trust in GOD you to can feel much better....Like every one will tell you the liver is very much the strong organ in your body....

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Hi Jen,

My husband had liver mets when he was diagnosed in Sept, there were so many they kept saying to numberous to count. Well after his first line of Chemo(from Sept to Jan) they were all gone, and so far have not grown back. Hope this helps

Hugs and Prayers


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