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A warm thanks to all of you who have been so kind


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Thank-you to all of you who have answered my questions, been direct and very caring. It has meant the world to me. All of you are an incredible bunch of people. How lucky am I to have found such friends. Strangers who care.

To those who run this board Rick et al, thank-you for all that you doing by having this as a resource for all of us.


PS can anyone tell me how to make my picture download work. It keeps teling me its too big and it wont take it.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


Do you have any graphic software, such as Paintshop or any that came along with your computer? If so, you need to open it up in that software, look for a command that says re-size and change the size to say 250 pixels by 250 pixels or whatever close. Also look for color and reduce the colors to 8 bit or 250. That should work.

Or, oh heck, just send it to me as an attachment. I can probably do it in a couple seconds.


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