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Question for all


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Keep us informed about that loss of voice.. I would see an ear nose and throat doctor and a chest xray just to be safe.. Please keep us in the loop.

Love you guys..


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He had a chest xray and it was normal, they did blood work and it too was normal. He has seen an ENT and that is the DR that has prescribed the steriods for him to see if the polyps dissapear. If not there will need to be surgery to remove them and then they will check for cancer.

God Bless You,


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Thank you for letting me know.. Got a little worried there for a minute!! It is good that all showed clear!!!! (Except polyps)....



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Hi Jane

Good news that the other tests showed clear. Please let us know after he has his followup with the ENT. I will be sending alot of positive thoughts your way that the polyps clear up and there is no need for surgery. Hope you find out soon.

Take care sweetie



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