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Why its taking so long


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Thanks for the feedback. Here is my story.

12/03-5/04 I complained of cough and feeling bad all xrays clear until 5/11/04 (they missed the mass on the 3/04 xray)

then I had to have 2 biopsies because the first one was inclonclusive-this of course took a bit of time to get these scheduled and get results

pet, MRI's, ct scans etc........more time

then I took a week off thinking I would go to Fla to see my family, as my Doc would be out of town same week and I didnt want to start w/ him out of town

I also did 3 second opinions including Georgetown this took a week.

I then asked for a repeat CT for baseline (head, chest and abdom) since it had been a month and BOOM! 2 cm mass on my liver. I did not have an abdominal CT because the PET was clear in this area just a month before.

My Onc. says if its a met I will get cis and cpt11 if its still limited I will get cis avp16 and he needs to know before we start

tried to get in sooner for the biopsy, but couldnt called 4 hosiptals.

Yes, I am nervous about the wait. I am nervous about everything. I almost cant live w/ the thought this if its extensive. Everything you read is so horrible. Do I have only months?


Jen, looking for hope and the strength to fight

6/04 dx w/ limited sclc one 4cm tumor right lung w/ hilar node involvement.

Planning cisplatin and VP 16 w/ rad to chest

42, 5 kids, great husband and friends


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Hi Jen,

If you were not nervous, scared, worried, or upset you would not be human. And waiting is just plain tough! LC is a scary thing, but it can be beat! I know everything you read can also scare the cr*p out of you, but

you also have to know there are long term survivors and everything you read does not have to apply to you. So until I'm told differently I'm going to be in that percentage of survivors and I want you to join me! So please try to keep your chin up and continue to fight!



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Everything you read is so horrible. Do I have only months?


I can guarantee you one thing - if YOU limit yourself to only months, that's what you'll have.

Remember, even if your odds are one in a million, there is NOTHING saying that YOU won't be the "1". Keep up the hope, keep yourself occupied during the day and wear yourself out so you can sleep through the night. If you AREN'T sleeping or are suffering anxiety, call your general practitioner and get in for medication to help you. There is a LOT of stress in this journey and not getting enough sleep is not a good way to begin a war.

Check in to counseling for help with mental fighting it. Having someone to talk to helps.

Read up on treatments, but stop browsing statistics. Don't play the numbers game but be educated on your choices...

As for how you will live if it IS extensive, the answer is the same as you always did, day by day, breath by breath. There are no guarantees....

I will send you some of my strength in the form of a flashlight to get through the worst parts of the day (the dark hours when the monsters are out). We're all in this together, keep on hanging on!

I will agree, the waiting is the hardest part. Do things that have been nagging at you for a while, be it updating (or writing!) your will, spending time with family/friends, painting the bedroom, making new curtains, planting a garden...DO IT! Heed your wake up call and get on with living, the dying pretty much takes care of itself....

All my best,


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...DO IT! Heed your wake up call and get on with living, the dying pretty much takes care of itself....


This pretty much says it all about this darn disease. Jen some with limited die and some with extensive live. It is a hard dx to wrap your mind and heart around and still come out sane. But that's what has to happen. Don't let the beast steal your laughter and smiles any more than you can help. Enjoy whats left be it 60 years or 60 seconds!



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What is the rational for changing to cis VP-16 if limited vs cis CPT-11?

BTW the pulmonologist I indirectly know at Georgetown is Dr Eric Anderson.

I think being positive is good, but if you happen to be sad don't beat yourself up. It is unrealistic to feel positive all the time when you have cancer. Sometimes it is good to have a good cry, then move on.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)
Do I have only months?


But (and I'm telling myself the same thing) SLOW down or you will kill yourself with anxiety. You don't have to be upbeat all the time, of course, but try some of the techniques used in some major cancer centers. Meditation, Creative Imagery, Chi Kung (get a simple video), yoga, walking (if you can - take it slow), rent comedy DVD/Videos...............

Fight the cancer. Don't let the beast fight you.

Take 2 minutes - just two minutes - sit down in a darkened room - beginning breathing from your diaphragm. You'll know you're doing it right when your tummy expands as you breath in. Try not to think. As you breathe in say to yourself, "Breathing In." As you breathe out, say to yourself, "Breathing Out."

If a negative thought comes aiming for you, say to your self, "thought", acknowledging that you've been distracted. Do not judge yourself. Go back to the breathing in and breathing out.

Just do this for two wee minutes. Tomorrow, try for three. Next day, four and so on.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

How long have you practiced zazen?


Wow. I had to stop and think. I was going to say forever. :) But I've only been practicing regularly for about 7 years.


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